Boy, is it pretty here. And cool, compared to Florida and its humidity! We are now at the foot of the Appalachians, in Green Mountain. We pulled into this lovely resort on Thursday. More hills but not nearly like at Carolina Landings. A little brook runs behind our RV lot. We have a wooden deck with benches and a picnic table too. Very nice place.

There are so many trees however, that Dave’s satellite dish can’t find its satellite, so we’re stuck with cable TV. That’s okay because we really don’t watch a whole lot. But … no AT&T signal. That’s not good because I need a phone to teach (I work part time for World Coach Institute as an instructor, as well as coaching from the coach!). We examined our options and decided to also contract with Verizon. Now I can work and we’ll be okay if one or the other is limited in future areas. I probably will drop my phone with AT&T and cut back on the expense. Right now, if you call me on the old number, it will forward. By the way, I’ve had AT&T for 20 years and this is the first time I’ve had a problem but there are several places in North and South Carolina where it’s not going to work.

On Saturday we drove to Greensboro, met up with my sister Sandy Vollman and her husband Craig to tour the Guilford Courthouse National Park, where a huge revolutionary war battle was fought. Craig’s cousin Andrew was there to do a reenactment. He dressed in period costume; he and his companions demonstrated firing their guns. They even wore ties into battle. Poor guys must have sweat to death; I wonder how many died of heat exhaustionWe enjoyed a nice picnic before parting ways. . I’m so glad to be near to my sister and her family for the summer, and hope to see them lots more!

On Sunday we attended Mass at St. Frances of Assisi church in Lenoir. I was particularly impressed with the carved statues and the tabernacle, which appeared to be made of silver, with beautiful gold designs. After the service, I took some pictures, which has turned out to be a fun thing to do. As soon as I pulled out the camera at previous churches, someone enevitably walked up to tell me some interesting tidbit about the windows, a cross or the statues.

Sunday was no exception. We were welcomed by Joy and Pete Stone, who invited us for coffee. We sat and talked for over an hour. I think we have some more new friends. They both are adept at websites and I’ve been wanting to learn how to manage my own a little better. We may swap out, their training for some coaching! That would be a real win-win for both of us.

There is a 15.5 mile bike path around the city here. It’s only a few miles from here. If we can figure out how to transport my bike there on the back of the Honda, I’ll get to try it out tomorrow morning. I’m bike-deprived. I did ride here the last two days but it should count for mountain biking! Even the small hills are a challenge.

I am flying out on Thursday for a weekend in Miami – a convention. I’m sure Dave will find lots of fun things here to occupy himself. I think we’re going to Blowing Rock tomorrow. It sounds like a real tourist trap – our favorite!

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