Snickerdoodle was a good observer while I journaled here this morning. That’s really what I call ‘hanging around’!

We’ll be leaving Lenoir, NC on Thursday. It’s been an interesting stay, one of the nicest RV parks we’ve camped at so far, but not without its challenges. We now have two phone accounts, one with AT&T (Dave) and one with Verizon (me). Initially, I forwarded my old number to the new, but taking this route would result in over $300 a month in cell phone bills. I don’t think I want to work for a telephone. The logical thing was to drop my AT&T number, which I’ve had for nearly fifteen years, and in the midst of another two year contract. I really did not experience any difficulties with AT&T until traveling to the Carolinas – Verizon is the king of coverage here. But at least now, with two phone services, we need not worry about contact – and I still work as a life coach, so I need a phone. If you need the new number, be sure to email me!

We’ve had some wonderful little day trips while visiting here. We drove up to Blowing Rock, which was only about a half an hour from our park. What a nice drive up the mountain; was somewhat of a disappointment, however, compared to Helen, GA where we visted a month ago. We really like ‘tourist traps’ with hokey little stores where you can buy junk for cheap. Blowing Rock is a high-end tourist trap, with trendy stores and not much in our wallet limits, so we didn’t stay long. Even the restaurant menus were expensive and nothing unusual so we opted for eating at home.

I have been enjoying my new camera, and was gifted with some pretty flowers and landscaping with which to practice.  I haven’t lived around mountains since I was a young woman in Pennsylvania, and I have to admit, the cooler summer days are a nice respite from our typical Florida humidity and heat. I’m already looking forward to our western trip which we’ve planned for next year!

Another nice one-day trip found us in Black Mountain, where I lead a one-day workshop with a side benefit of visiting my long-time friend, Brenda Close. (notice I didn’t say old!) It was wonderful to catch up with one another and also see her husband Patrick who was volunteering at the local visitor’s bureau.

We also drove over to Charlotte on Sunday to visit my sister’s family and my parents. Dad turned 91 on July 16th, so this was supposed to be a celebration for him, but Sandy surprised me with an early happy birthday for me! (I’ll be 63 tomorrow.) She baked a cake but of course, that’s not on my diet, I did get to enjoy some fresh strawberries, insisting on a candle and the happy birthday song! My folks look great – Mom loves to play Upwords and says that she does crossword puzzles to keep her mind sharp. Her dementia doesn’t seem to affect her love of word games.

So, we’re really not doing much of anything today, just enjoying our leisure time. I suppose it would be a good idea if I clean up the RV a little – then I won’t have to do it on my birthday tomorrow. Sometimes I wonder how we ever had time to work. Our days are full and fun, and although I’m still working (I coach from the coach), we are definitely not ‘two old farts’, no matter what if road signs may indicate otherwise!

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