Well, here we are in Advance, NC, just south of Winston-Salem at a lovely park called Forrest Lake. It’s nice resort, and we’re very close to the clubhouses, pools and lake. Of course, as we drove in, I checked out the ‘hill situation’; there are hills but they’re navigable on my bike, at least the paved roads. Unfortunately, the campsite rows are gravel and my bike is made for streets, with narrow tires and little tread. I pushed it up several grades yesterday but did get a sweaty fifty-minute work out in before I called it quits.

Today I drove up to the welcome center, which has a decent, level parking lot. I drove round in circles for 30 minutes, and on the way back, discovered a sign that said, “Trail starts here”. Hmmm, I wondered, as I headed with some trepidation down a mild, well-packed dirt path. I descended the grade and found a really nice path through the woods, very rustic, but manageable. I couldn’t go very fast, but got a good workout and enjoyed some very rustic woods. Tomorrow I may try a different direction and be grateful that I’ll get my daily exercise again. That bike path in Lenoir was fantastic, even though we needed to transport my three-wheel recumbent bike on the back of a two seater convertible Honda S-2000.

Funny part about this whole thing with the bike is that I should be careful what I pray for. Home is flat, and the first two campgrounds were also flat. I really enjoyed riding around on the Kingsland Navy Base in Georgia. There was plenty of good roads at the Yemassee park too, but then we hit Fair Play, SC and I couldn’t get the bike up the first hill in first gear! It was too steep, so I had to push it up. I didn’t ride bike at all for 3 weeks. Lenoir had this wonderful paved bike path and we were only a few miles away. Dave was a sweetie to drive me there; he walked the dogs while I rode my bike. Now I’ve got rustic and small hills but I love riding my bike so there you go.

Yesterday we started our local exploring in Lexington, NC, about ten miles from here. The nearest WalMart is either there or the other direction to Mocksville, so we combined the grocery-run with checking out Lexington. This is the heart of the furniture industry, but alas, the businesses moved their manufacturing to China or Mexico to save money. There were many large brick factories, with empty parking lots, and broken windows. It was quite sad.

The town is doing what it can to recover economically. We saw many antique stores as we meandered down Main Street. And pigs. Lots of pigs; thirty-one to be exact. Seems that there was a campaign some time ago, to gain some notoriety for their barbeque. Lexington is home to no less than twenty restaurants that serve the savory smoked meat and ‘red cole slaw’. I bet we go back there for Dave to try some pulled pork before we leave this area. We didn’t go out of our way to find all 31 but just in our stroll down Main Street, found several of the statues, in a myriad of colors and decorations – in front of businesses and some inside the stores.

We like flea markets, and ventured out today to find one. Apparently the definition of flea market differs from what we are accustomed. We drove around Lexington, Welcome and Thomasville, and did not find one that revels what we find at home. Well, there was one big one, but alas, it was closed. We called it a day, came back here and stretched out at the pool with a couple of good books. Nice relaxing day.

Tomorrow we’ll visit a new Catholic church on our way to Mt. Pleasant to visit the family. Does it get any better than this?

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