We’ve been at Lake Gaston, in Littleton, NC now for two weeks. It’s a really nice park; we’re within a football field of the gorgeous lake, nestled in the woods.  I think this is one of the prettiest places we’ve stayed. From Monday to Friday, we have the whole place to ourselves, while on weekends, the boaters and jet-skiers come and enjoy the lake. We’ve met some really nice folks since we got here.  Saturday night there is entertainment – music and dancing although we’ve yet to partake in the fun. Maybe this week.

Before heading over here, we had one last visit with my sister outside Charlotte. My brother Tom was visiting; a Bike and Hike trip with his brother-in-law. They drove their motorcycles down from PA and WV and stopped along the way to hike in the western NC mountains.  It was good to see my brother and of course, my 91 year old parents too, who live with my sister on her farm. God bless Sandy for her selfless care of my father and mother.

Sandy’s going to turn 50 in a few weeks, so we took the opportunity to celebrate with at least two of her five siblings. Everyone pitched in and I made a ‘money tree’ (more like a plant) for her with enough green stuff for a serious shopping excursion.  We’ll be camping on her farm in mid-October, so that she and Craig can get away for a week.

Once we were settled here at Lake Gaston, I had to skip out for five days, flying to Albuquerque for business, but Dave occupied himself with some sightseeing and relaxing down by the lake while I was gone. The disadvantage here (or perhaps advantage) is no TV. Dave tried for several hours to get a signal on the satellite dish but no luck – there’s just too many trees for television reception.  The internet connection is not the greatest either, so we’ve played a lot of Canasta in the evenings. The days are getting cooler; we mostly just run the A/C during the night but I suspect that we soon won’t need it too much either. I prefer opening windows when it isn’t too hot.

We’ve been enjoying our little day trips, hitting a local flea market, and a church in Roanoke Rapids. On Wednesday we drove south for over two hours to visit Fort Bragg and the former Pope Air Force Base. Of course, the trip on I-95 could not be complete without the many South of the Border signs peppered through the Carolinas and Georgia. How many of us have stopped to visit Pedro when crossing the South Carolina border.
When I was just a child bride of 18, Fayetteville was my first home-away-from-home. That was over 43 years ago! I really wanted to see the city again, so Dave and I headed that way. When we exited the interstate, I could not get my bearings; some street names rang bells but nothing seemed familiar, until we finally found the airfield and the C-130 aircrafts. In 1968, they were painted in camouflage but now sport a drab gray color. I recognized the maintenance hangars but couldn’t find the NCO club where I waitressed for about a year.  Fort Bragg is like a small city, with a population of over 55,000! No wonder I felt disoriented.

We have another week here at Lake Gaston; I’d love to get out in a kayak, but haven’t found a place to rent one yet. I’ve been checking online to purchase an inflatable one, if I can find one I like and then a place to have it delivered. This resort has hills and dirt roads, making the bike riding a challenge, but I can get a decent work out in, using the lower gears. We’ve also walked the dogs together in the cool mornings. The perimeter road is about a mile long, mostly hills and dirt paths, now a bit washed out from a heavy rain last week.

I will be in Raleigh on Saturday for a half-day workshop, and hope that our nephew stationed at Camp Lejeune will get in touch with us so we can take him out for dinner or something on Sunday. Today’s a relax day; we try to take it easy after a day-trip, especially when we’ve spent several hours in the car.

One one of our Sunday excursions, we visited a nice Catholic Church in Roanoke Rapids. On the railing of the stairs was this very peculiar bug – seemed to be shedding an outer skin of some sort. I have no idea what it is and am hoping that my biology-teacher brother Tom can identify it. Never saw anything like that in my life; maybe it was an alien!

The church was nice – small and more of those gorgeous stained glass windows and lots of friendly people.

We’re still loving our trip. Soon we’ll head north and spend six weeks in Virginia, near Lynchburg and Williamsburg. Seems like we’ve been in North Carolina forever – nine weeks to be exact. We’ve been gone from home since May 15th. I wondered how I’d enjoy being in the RV for so long, and as much as I love our home in Titusville, I could really see myself living full time in our cute little home-on-wheels.

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  1. Jean, how wonderful to hear from you. I was looking at our picture yesterday and remembered our fun time at Ft. Sumpter. I’m glad you are still in touch. We will head into VA next Thursday. Blessings to both of you.

  2. We are finally back on line and having saved your card from our visit on the boat back in from Fort Sumter, we are throughly enjoying yourtrip with you! It just sounds like you are having such a great time. Thanks so much for allowing us the opportunity to enjoy the trip with you. Jean

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