I’m learning how to manage my website, which houses this blog; I consider myself technically challenged so it’s not small feat when I face my fears and try something. I’ve also, wisely, asked a professional to teach me how to manage a few things myself. We had to upgrade my version of Word Press and in doing so, I managed to lock myself out. It took a few days to undo my mess but here I am back and blogging! I’m planning a website facelift very soon – just as soon as I learn how!

Meanwhile, good-bye North Carolina and hello Virginia! We’ve been camping in a lovely resort in Gladys, about fifteen minutes from Lynchburg. We arrived just before Labor Day, with very few RV’s here until Friday, when nearly the whole place filled up with folks celebrating the last weekend of Summer. Met some nice folks, and had one scary moment when the man in the RV next to us had a medical emergency. I stayed with the wife, and called 9-1-1; she couldn’t get a signal on her cell phone. Dave went up to the gate to let the medics in.  It was very scary, he was not responsive and having a difficult time breathing. Thank God, he’s okay; a combination of diabetes, dehydration and fumes from lighting his grill with lighter fluid! You can’t be too careful!

This area is steeped in history and majestic beauty. We spent one day in Natural Bridge. It’s an amazing feat of Mother Nature, purchased by Thomas Jefferson from King George, and a place of respite when the politics got too much for him, I suppose. Now it’s a big tourist attraction, complete with a wax museum, butterfly aviary and gift shop.

It was a great day to do some hiking. We walked for a good hour to a waterfall at the end of the trail and back, meeting some more nice people along the way. We also had some fun in the gift shop, where Dave found this little plaque which reads, “If I had to choose again, I’d still choose you.” He continues to find little ways to touch my heart and make me fall more in love with him. Of course, I not only took a picture, but also bought the plaque!  Now when he aggravates the heck out of me, I can look up, see that little phrase an remember how much we love one another. All said and done, we both picked pretty good!

You know, I am not 100% retired – fond of saying that I ‘coach from the coach’.  About 18 months ago, I began the process to acquire the International Coach Federation credential of Professional Certified Coach. It is the second highest level of professional coaching. I jumped through all the hoops, paid the fees and took the tests, some of which were quite difficult. I did not enjoy success on the first two tries at the final exam. But three is a charm and last Friday, learned that I am indeed qualified to add the new initials of PCC to my name. To say that I am proud is not descriptive enough. It was hard work but so worth it.  One of my greatest passions is to work with people who dream. Dreams become goals when coupled with action, and coaches partner with people to make that happen.  Thank you to my family and many friends who didn’t give up on me. Who said that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

We are not far from Richmond and considered driving the two-plus hours to see the NASCAR  race on Saturday. The weather forecast called for rain, and so we decided to opt out, and if it were rained out completely, go on Sunday. We watched it on TV and were very happy with our choice, as the rain-delayed race ended around 2 a.m. We’re too old to be sitting in race traffic for several hours and staying up all night. Call us woozes if you want, but when we got a good night’s sleep and spent the morning hiking here, we were delighted with our decision.

The weather has turned cool; we’ve been waking up to temps in the fifties, crystal clear blue skies and a gentle breezes. I think we are ready to enjoy opening windows and turning off the A/C. There’s even hints of leaves changing color!We’ll be here until Tuesday and then head over to Williamsburg for three more weeks in Virginia.  Life continues to be wonderful as we  celebrate retirement in our RV.

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