As we’ve been traveling through the south in our RV, I’ve noticed so many closed factories. When talking with locals, the common theme rings true – industries have moved overseas or to Mexico, where labor is cheaper. It makes me very sad.

Many families lose who lose their jobs, unable to pay mortgages, attempt to deal with unsympathetic banks. The very institutions we bailed out will not employ flexibility with people who don’t want to lose their homes. What do the banks tell them? “Call us back when you’re behind on your mortgage.” The situation deteriorates, to where there’s no way they can get back on their feet financially, getting more in debt and no light at the end of the tunnel. Here we have people who are willing to negotiate until things improve but aren’t given the opportunity to even speak to someone about financial creativity in times of trouble. Instead, they lose their jobs, their pride and eventually their homes. Banks inherit homes that they don’t really want and nobody wins.

This whole thing seems wrong to me. Now, I’m no political analyst, or economist but I do employ a level of logic and have lived within a budget all my life. When I needed extra money, I worked a second job. This is not an option for some these days, when their place of employment gets snatched right out from under them. The opportunity for a single income is removed and unemployment is the alternative. What a blow to their pride. It’s a double blow to the economy – people are now receiving money from the government and not contributing to our tax base.

Wayne Dyer says, “If we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.” Change has to start with us, because our present system isn’t working.

Now here’s a thought; how about if the government creates a program for unemployed locals to reopen their closed factory and produced products “MADE IN AMERICA”? Why not give them the money to start a business and earn a living again, instead of straight unemployment?  Eventually we’ll have home-made products, people back to work, contributing to our tax base, rather than drawing upon it?

Is that too far-fetched?

I bet if we, the common people, unaffected by politics or special interest groups, start brainstorming our situation, we can change it. Maybe the change needs to start with us. I have no idea how something like this could happen, but I’m tired of listening to one candidate blame the other for failure. I have this one, think-outside-the-box idea on how we could start fixing it.

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