It’s a very cool morning in Virginia, for us Florida folks – 65 and overcast; the kind of day to stay inside and curl up with a good book. Much to David’s delight, it is Sunday and that means football, football and more football. Do you think he might let me flip over to the race in Chicago a few times to see how it’s going? Looks like Fall is on the horizon – I noticed that a tree near our front door had started to turn a little red, so I snapped a shot of it. Only two weeks later, it's really red. Everything else is still quite green but it would be lovely to experience the grandeur of Autumn while we're on the northern leg of our journey. We'll be in VA until early October, so we'll keep our eyes open! We’ve been enjoying ourselves, taking little day-trips to check out the local sights around Lynchburg. Liberty University, founded by Jerry Falwell, has an interesting ‘mountain’, called “Snowflex”.  “Invented by Briton Engineering’s Brian Thomas, Snowflex is a synthetic material designed to simulate the slip and grip effects of snow. The most innovative surface on the market, Snowflex has a misting system that keeps it moist, maximizing speed and edge control. Snowflex retains its shape year-round, so riders can progressively sharpen their technique on its various contours. Unlike previous terrain technologies, Snowflex has multiple layers to cushion skiers and snowboarders if they should fall.” Best of all was the “ski-lodge”, with its rich wood and a myriad of taxidermy delights. Just being there felt like it should be snowing, but we hardly needed long sleeves, actually driving with the top down on our little Honda S-2000!  Our friend, Jimmie Sullivan in Houma, LA would have loved this place.  He is a hunter and does amazing taxidermy work. My own father used to hunt with bow and arrow in Pennsylvania when we were kids, but he never had anything mounted. We did however, feast on venison, pheasant and other wild game all year long! We drove down to Appomattox another day. That's where General Robert E. Lee surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant, ending the Civil War. We enjoyed listening to a young man, dressed in a circa Union uniform, play-acting as though we were all present in those days following the surrender. It was well done; he used the vernacular of the day and poked fun at our 'funny' clothes; I'm sure  that a pair of Bermuda shorts and sandals would have been a curiosity to him,  back in the mid 1800's. Several other RV’ers suggested that we take in the D-Day Memorial in Bedford, VA. I’m so glad we did. What a tribute to the thousands of soldiers from several countries who participated in the invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944 during World War II. I’m sure I learned about this in school, but to see the plaques bearing the names of those who died, the surreal statues and flags gave me a deep feeling of patriotism and gratitude to those who fight for our freedom. We also have driven to some small towns, such as Roanoke, Salem and Bedford, visiting farmers’ markets, antique and specialty shops and supporting the local economy! The drives have been magnificent, with hilly country-sides and the Blue Ridge Mountains off in the distance. I've also found some very humorous street signs. We'd be wise to take the road on the right, rather than the left, eh?   We have two more days here, but I think our sightseeing will wait until we get to Williamsburg on Tuesday. We needed a day to rest and tomorrow we’ll be readying the RV for hitting the road. If it doesn’t rain, I’ll settle with a hike in the woods here at the campgrounds. We continue to enjoy our time together. We had some folks parked next to us last week, and I stopped to say hello while walking the dogs. The woman asked me how I liked spending time in such close quarters with my husband. I smiled and said, “It’s wonderful.” She asked if we were newlyweds or something. It’s really nice to be ‘stupid in love’ with one’s spouse. Maybe eleven years is still considered ‘newlywed’ but no matter. I truly enjoy Dave’s company. We are contented to go for a drive or to sit here, watch TV, read and play a few hands of Canasta. It just doesn’t get any better than this.