Hard to believe that we’ve been in Williamsburg for nearly a week! There was a very bad weather prediction for last Tuesday, our travel-day with threats of up to 60 mph wind gusts. That’s not a fun way to drive a 40’ RV, towing a car to boot. We planned to head out when we woke up on Tuesday; I woke up at 5 a.m., probably a little fear weighing on my mind. Dave stayed in bed for another 40 minutes or so, but I put it in high gear, readying the inside for our trip.

We completed quite a bit of the prep-work on Monday which made my morning much easier. Within an hour of Dave getting up, we pulled up stakes and were on our way. The weather held out; just a bit of rain once we hit the road.

The first half of our trip was on little curvy, narrow country roads. We were not in a hurry, and maintained about 35 mph on 55 mph two-lane highways, taking about four hours where the GPS indicated three when we started out. Our luck held out, no rain as we set up in Williamsburg.

Poor Dave; got our first ding on the RV, getting just a bit too close to the utilities pole. He was not a happy camper, but it’s not a big deal and we’ll check out getting the scratch removed when we get home in December.

What a really nice RV park; there’s even an indoor pool and hot tub. We’ve not been over there yet, and not quite sure how to do that, with temps tonight predicted to hit the high 40’s. We are Florida wimps! It’s not a long walk, but I don’t know if I want to come back here in a wet swimsuit.

I’m also blessed with paved roads and minor hills which makes this a great place to ride my bike. Changing my routine around a bit however, and exercising later in the afternoon after it warms up! Yes, Florida wimp, that’s me!

We are going to have a great time here; so much history in our back yards! We’ve already done some sightseeing, first heading to the Jamestown Settlement. I didn’t realize that this was the first English settlement, and while a great military advantage, the elements were not conducive to long lives! The James River is brackish for most of the summer, and arsenic-contaminated well water doomed the settlers to dissentary, malnutrition and early death.

But it is here that John Smith married Pocahontas. Much of the known history is being simultaneously challenged and confirmed through archeologists. There was a dig in progress while we were there. I find that stuff fascinating.

We also witnessed a glass blower, creating magnificent fluted vases, popping out about 5 an hour. Fascinating! I asked him why he ever chose glass blowing as a career. He never looked up, just said, “it’s fun.” Now, that’s my kind of guy – getting paid to play is always the best way to spend our time at a job! He was creating beautiful fluted vases, and completed five in the hour we watched. I could hardly take my eyes off it.

On Saturday, my sister Sandy came up from Charlotte for a visit, after depositing niece Monica off at a friend’s about an hour from here. It was great to see her; we talked non-stop for five hours, taking in Colonial Williamsburg along the way. We chose to walk, rather than hiring the $2 bus from the visitor’s center, and got in a few hours of quasi-exercise. I really love visiting Colonial towns like this. It was especially fun to do this with my sister, who’d never been here before. Our day went so fast and soon it was time to head back so Sandy could drive back toward home. I was sorry to see her head out, but understand that she has family obligations. I think we all had a great visit, albeit short.

Finally, a Catholic church within five miles of our site! We drove to St. Olaf’s this morning, a modest little building, but a welcoming congregation. Rather than head straight home afterward, we ventured to the Yorktown waterfront, enjoyed a really nice lunch and took in a little bit of the sights. I think we’ll go back there, having not seen the battlefield or the colonial town yet. Might be fun to bring the dogs to walk along the river. They’ve done a really nice job of creating a paved path for those who wish to take advantage of the river view!

I wake up every day and thank God for this great opportunity. I’m grateful beyond measure that we can visit these wonderful places in the great country of ours. Tomorrow I have to work a little in the morning, but then we can go back out and continue to explore Yorktown. We hope to take a day trip to DC, Virginia Beach and some of the military bases in the area. This three weeks is going to fly by, I have a feeling!

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