Williamsburg, Virginia is quickly becoming my favorite RV stay so far. There is so much to do and see in this area. The weather has been gorgeous too; there have been a few rather chilly nights where we’ve put the little electric fireplace on in the morning (I never said we were roughing it) but man, do I ever sleep well, with lots of blankets and crisp, cool air. We continue checking out the great sights in the area, returning to Yorktown to visit the battlefield. That National Parks pass we have sure has saved us a lot of money, once again having free access instead of paying $10 per person. I’m sure I learned this stuff in history class, but hey, it has been over fifty years, for pete’s sake. I forgot what I had for breakfast yesterday! This is the second time we’ve had an amazing tour guide at one of the national parks. Miss Linda Williams interjected so much personality into her 30 minute spiel and without embellishment, painted a wonderful picture of an arrogant and misguided Lord Cornwallis and his many mistakes that lead to his surrender to General George Washington on October 19, 1781. Of course, the fair Lord took ill and actually his second-in-command turned over his weapons! In addition to the several original cannon barrels, many of the earthworks  still stand. I cannot imagine weaving the branches together, filling them with dirt, stacking them up, covering them with even more dirt and sticks, all in sweltering heat. The pictures don't do them justice; these mounds were 20 or 30 feet high! And how did they ever communicate back then, without cell phones? Messages took weeks to deliver! Also, the French were our allies, and influential in the colonies winning our freedom. Merci! Washington DC is over 100 miles away from us, but still, close enough for a day. We actually set an alarm (ugh!) on Wednesday, got a real early start, and parked in Franconia to take the Metro for the rest of the trip. Ugh, the older we get, the more overwhelming things seem. I asked for help in the station, and soon boarded the train for the one-hour ride to the National Mall. We’ve visited the Smithsonian Institute many times, but somehow missed the museum of Natural History. We enjoyed seeing the theory of how man must have evolved from some sort of little mammal, a pre-cursor to the primates. There was also a wonderful display of oriental art at another museum. I don't think that I was the model for the sculpture but had fun auditioning! At any rate, it is very wonderful that all these museums and monuments are at no cost. I really wanted to see the White House this time, so we cut over a couple of blocks and headed down Pennsylvania Avenue. There were several nice little restaurants too, and we enjoyed lunch along the way. The last time I visited the president’s residence, you could drive right in front, but now the street is closed to vehicles. I don’t imagine you can just get in line to tour the White House either. I wasn’t interested in that; was just glad to see the building and the grounds. Soon it was time to start working our way toward the metro station, strolling past the Washington monument, overlooking the reflection pond and Viet Nam memorial. The monument is still closed, while the earthquake damage from a few years ago is repaired. We were two tired puppies when we boarded for our ride back to the Franconia station. Let’s see, next day trip is to visit Virginia Beach on Saturday. Today we’re just hanging out, enjoying some gorgeous fall weather and hoping to see some autumn leaves before we have to head south in a few weeks.