We are in the last leg of our exciting, six-month RV adventure, having crossed over into Florida on the sixth of November, on a soppy, rainy day. Hey, we still have a week to go so I’m not going to Titusville in my head just yet, as the most fun part is still ahead of us. This past week has proved to be quite memorable too.

I needed to be in St. Pete to attend a business conference at one of the beach resorts. A dear friend from Caracus flew in for it, and spent one night in the RV with us. How delightful to meet her brother from Fort Myers too; I feel like we may have made some new friends.  We’d bought a new memory foam mattress for the sleeper sofa; Carolina reported that she slept well, so I’m glad that we have a comfortable bed for our occasional overnight guests.

On Thursday, my friend Stephanie picked us up for lunch and to transport us to the hotel, which was very appreciated, as our little two seater tow-car would hardly have done the trick. I am very grateful to have such wonderful friends from all over the world as a result of the work that I do. Last year Stephanie and I had flown down to attend an international event in Venezuela; that’s where we met and fell in love with Carolina!

After muddling through two days of meetings, we had some fun on Saturday night at the banquet, with a ‘Prom night’ theme. As you may recall, I had picked up my gown at a thrift store in Virginia Beach. I cannot believe how much I felt like a ‘Barbie-doll’, all dressed up in my beautiful formal. Dave came in for the evening and even bought me a wrist corsage! Wow, he looked so dang sexy! I’m so grateful at my age to still be stupid in love with my sweet husband.

I wasn’t the only one who felt like a Barbie-doll. Many of my friends also enjoyed the opportunity to re-experience their high school days and looked amazing. I may have only paid $20 for my beautiful dress but the memories I now have from this romantic night will stay with me for a lifetime. I was going to take the dress to another thrift store for another woman to enjoy, but I might just keep it; you never know when another prom might come up for me! Ha ha!

Tomorrow we head south to Homestead, for the NASCAR’s championship weekend. It is one of my most favorite past-weekends and it seems to be shaking out to another fun time. And then we’ll head home. So, stay tuned for the final chapter of Reflections from an RV. It’s not the end; next year we plan to head west. Who knows, we may not even come home!

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