We are home! I still need to write about our fantastic last week on the road, but will save that blog for the weekend – the pictures are still in the camera, and it will take several days to unload the RV. 

The trip from Homestead-Miami Speedway took about six hours – stuck for a while in the Miami morning traffic, but we finally pulled onto Baytree Drive, Titusville, FL in the early afternoon, and commenced to unloading. It's a lot of work and I'm not planning on getting it all done in one day. Thanksgiving is on Thursday and I still need to get to the grocery store, take the puppies to the groomer and settle down to life with four walls instead of four wheels.

With all the wonderful memories we've created this summer, what do you think I was thinking of on the trip home? Ready?

Weighing myself.

I chose not to bring my bathroom scale along on our trip – RV's afford limited space and crazy thinking wasn't going to win. Over the last two years, I have developed somewhat of a little post-menopausal belly-bloat. I did see a nutritionist in the spring and he made some suggestions which I had been following; no dairy, soy and migrate toward vegetarianism. Combine this new plan of eating (I hate the word 'DIET"; it has the word DIE nestled in it so it's doomed to kill me!) with faithful exercise, and I should have a weight loss now, right? Well, I don't always think logically when it comes to my weight. After years of yo-yo dieting and morbid obesity, I don't always think logically where weight is concerned.

Friends who'd seen me over the summer commented on my weight loss but I still worried that they were wrong. My clothes were fitting better.  I dreaded the bad news I'd surely get when the moment of truth arrived. Of course, it couldn't have been as soon as we walked in the door. I'd eaten two meals, was fully dressed and the number would be even higher. Instead, we worked on moving our stuff into the house with a decision that the moment of truth could wait until the morning. But it was the last thing I thought of before drifting off to sleep.

I woke up a little after four. That's too early to get up but after half an hour of 'trying' to go back to sleep, I decided to face the music. Donning the lightest robe I own, I headed down to the bathroom and gingerly stepped on. To my utter amazement and delight, I lost seven pounds! That's better than a pound a month. I am not a lazy big-fat, good-for-nothing slob, no matter what my head said prior to the weigh-in. I am not that anyway, even without a weight loss.

I guess normal people don't deal with these mental gymnastics where weight is concerned. It's a part of me that I have learned to accept – I'm always going to be just a bit off normal where my weight is concerned. Now I'm done with scale-hopping until January first. The less I have to deal with that routine, the better. As soon as the sun comes up, I'm hopping on my bike for a spin around the 'hood'. I'm glad to be home and grateful for not needing to act on my sometimes crazy thinking. I won't be visiting Breusters Ice Cream parlor to celebrate. I won't be searching grocery shelves for one last Twinkie before they're gone forever. I'll drink my protein shake for breakfast and have a nice salad for lunch. 

Welcome home, Gerri!

10 Responses to Reflections from an RV 11/20/12
  1. It´s nice to know you´re back home safe!! It´s wonderful also to know you lost weight!! I did too! can you imagine? lost 2 Kilos! on my trip to USA. Thanks for all you help!! I enjoyed staying one night at your RV! Hope I can do it again, someday! Blessings my friend, remember I am your Chiquita!! lol

  2. Karen, whne are you do back? We are heading west in March and it would be great to see you before we leave again.

  3. Great news and encouragement, Gerri.  You look GREAT.  When are you planning your trip WEST???  I am WEST, you know.  RV hookups on our property and nice comfy bed in guest room.  Dogs are always welcome.  

  4. Thanks Sean. Now I’ll stay off it until January 1st. It makes me crazy so it’s better that way. If I weigh and measure my food, the scale should take care of itself. Just got back from an exciting 10 mile bike ride. Ah, it’s good to be home.

  5. thanks Jane. You looked great this summer too. Amazing what happens when we apply sticktoitiveness to our eating and exercise, eh?

  6. Pam, I never take a holiday from healthy eating. We traveled through five states this summer, stuck to my meal schedule as much as possible and just have a ‘bottom line’ where food is concerned. Let me know how I can support you when you get home.

  7. Gerri, I'm in NYC now. I'm doing no snacking other than one roasted chestnut that we bought in Times Square yesterday so that's good. But meals are off schedule and not always super healthy. I'm feeling a little lost without my daily weigh in. I'll be home Thursday and will find out then how I did. I lost a few pounds right before the trip with some strict dieting after I found out about my trip, pounds that I had re-gained. I hope they stay gone.  We've been doing lots of walking, I wish I'd brought my pedometer!

  8. Told you you looked like you had lost weight! My eyes only lie when I am measuring my own food and body.
    Welcome home. Glad you returned safe. 

  9. Welcome home and congrats!  I can relate to the craziness of the scale.  I applaud the way you put it in its place.  Anyone who has ever taken their shoes off and stripped down to weigh can relate.  Thank you for the wisdom you share!  Talk soon, my friend

  10. So glad your trip ended on a positive note (even though it was negative on the scale). The before and after pic is amazing. Kudos to you! I'm still thinking about ordering the Broccoli book once we get home from our trip that started in May. I will be planning a trip to AZ soon.

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