This is my last post to Reflections from an RV for 2012. We arrived home on Monday and I really posted out of sequence, my thrill with a seven-pound weight loss was so great. Forgive the skipping around and allow me to share the last week of our fantastic trip.

We pulled into St. Pete, FL on November 5th so I could attend a conference. The RV park in Largo was small but serviceable. Dave and I were a bit taken aback by the traffic; it was only exceeded by the day we drove to D.C.

My good friend, Carolina Peralta flew in from Caracas for the convention too, and spent a night in the RV with us. We met her brother Cesar and his wife Diane who live in Ft. Myers. I have a feeling that we’ll see them again, we got along so well. Another Friend, Stephanie lives in St. Pete and collected us for lunch and a drive over to the Tradewinds Resort on the beach for the event. I was glad once the business was completed and we could play a little. Saturday night’s banquet was ‘prom-night’ themed and I had great fun this summer shopping for a formal dress.

You have to imagine how it feels to be an eighteen year older trapped in a sixty-three year old body. It was just as exciting to dress up then as it was back in high school. My thoughtful husband joined us for dinner and even bought me a corsage! It was a delightful evening and created some wonderful new memories for me.

And then, off to our last destination before heading home, the NASCAR championship weekend in Homestead, FL. We’ve attended this nearly every year since the inaugural more than a decade ago. Instead of staying at a nearby campground and driving down to the races every day, this year we opted to dry-camp right at the track. There was a huge field set up to handle between 500 and 1,000 RV’s by my best guestimate. It really was kind of fun, using the generator when we wanted electric.

Of course, you meet the nicest people in RV parks; multiply that by 100 and you have NASCAR campers – the best folks in the world. What great fun to talk about our motor homes, favorite drivers and anything else that struck our fancy. We walked the dogs a lot, met other puppy owners, cooked out on the grill and listened to stock cars practicing on the track, right in our back yard!

And then, best of all, was the races. We attended the Camping World Truck, Nationwide and Sprint cup races for the same price as one Daytona ticket – you can’t beat that! And my new camera allowed me to really zoom in to get close ups of my favorite drivers.

The weather really cooperated too; no rain, cool nights and warm days. We had so much fun! The Sunday Sprint Cup race was exciting; for a while it looked like Jimmie Johnson might pull off another championship, but a late-race problem sewed up the victory for Brad Keselowski. It was fun to watch all three events.

We woke up on Monday morning, and headed back to Titusville. We’ve been home for five days, getting used to living in our home again, which suddenly seems very big.

Dave’s already putting together our next trip – west in March! Who knows; we may not even return next year, but stay out and see this beautiful country of ours. 

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