Did you think I would stop writing just because we’re temporarily not traveling? Well, guess again! We’re back in Titusville since the Monday before Thanksgiving, and getting re-accustomed life in The Great Outdoors. http://www.tgoresort.com/. If you are unfamiliar with this interesting community, it’s like having your cake-on-wheels, and eating it too. TGO is an RV and golf community with more than 1,000 homesites, some of which are simple RV pads, all the way up to million-dollar mansions, with RV ports and garages instead of what you’d expect on a ‘normal house.’

We’ve lived here since 2005 and up until this year, took only short, local trips. When Dave retired from Disney in May, we hit the road! As you know if you followed my blog, we stayed in the southeast, venturing as far as Williamsburg, VA, due to my work commitments.

Now we’re in our beautiful little ‘permanent’ home, but already preparing for our next exciting excursion. We intend to head west in mid-March, so that I can be in Albuquerque by the end of April for a conference. Next year, we want to see Yellowstone National Park, Mt. Rushmore, Sedona and the rainforests in Washington state. I hope to visit my brother Fred who lives in Northern California.

We’re still undecided about when we’ll head back east but we don’t have to worry about that right now. I’ve not planned any big speaking engagements past January and may not at all next year. It’s time to write the sequel to Trust God and Buy Broccoli, A Spiritual Approach to Weight Loss.

But in the meantime, it’s Christmas in Florida and lots of exciting things on the horizon. Our son Cory and his fiancé, Jana came home this week to celebrate their engagement. They live in Southern California as both are writers too, Cory well known for his script  We Are Marshall http://www.marshall.edu/movie/ starring Matthew Mcconaughey and Jana writes reviews for some notable TV shows http://www.realitynation.com/tv-shows/x-factor/top-10-perform/23568/  It was wonderful to have them back in Central Florida.

The party last night was just grand. I have two of the most handsome sons-by-marriage that a Mom could ask for! And to soon be a mother-in-law to Jana is better than anything I could have hoped for. She’s an amazing girl. Lots of their friends came to celebrate as well as Jana’s folks. It’ll be a nice blend of two really great families. I love Jana’s folks, Janice and Pat Rothermel.

As the two oldest people at the party, and probably with the greatest distance to drive, we were the first to say good-bye for our hour-long trip back to Titusville. We had lots to chat about on the way as we continue to thank God for our amazing life together. I’m one lucky woman. I have a family that I truly love, a career where I know that I’m helping people and upcoming adventures in an RV to enjoy

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  1. Love hearing about your family and all the wonderful things happening in your life.

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