I am a life coach – it’s my job to inspire people to reach their goals, partnering for the sole intention of making their dreams come true. One of my favorite tools is to use a vision, or a dream board.

While blogging about vision boards last week,  I realized that I didn’t do one for myself in 2012! Wow, here I am talking the talk but not walking the walk myself.

What did I really want for this year of action? (If you wait until midnight on New Year’s Eve and breathe out a quick diet plan, odds are not in your favor, and you really might be leaving ‘13’ up to luck). I spent some time in quiet reflection.

·       How was I successful in 2012?

·       What challenged me?

·       What worked?

·       What didn’t?

·       What do I really love about what I’m doing?

·       What doesn’t really excite me?

·       And finally, what do I want to accomplish in the new year?


From that, I was able to create my vision for 2013, with personal, spiritual and business goals. I went to work on New Year’s day and created my visual inspiration for the next exciting twelve months.

So now, what about you? It’s not too late for you to create your own Dream board. There’s two options.

First, there’s the online version. Check online – some are free while others can be purchased.  Oprah has a free version but you need to join in on her website to create yours. You can do it yourself too, by simply  using word or publisher, upload your own pictures from your computer, or choose some from something like Google Images http://www.google.com/imghp?hl=en&tab=wi.

Next, write inspirational quotes, words, pictures and actions. Use expressive fonts. Save your creation as a picture-file and post it to your desk top. Then when you turn on the computer, your plans for the new year will be right there to inspire you! Best part about this option is that you can change it throughout the year as you change.

I like the old fashion method, using poster board, glue sticks, pictures and magazines. The Oprah Magazine is great, especially the January issue – it has lots of inspirational ideas! I cut out words and pictures that spoke to me. Others I created in Publisher (use can use Word too, if you don’t have a Publisher program), and printed them out. I also printed out pictures that remind me of my goals, like my Terra-Trike bike, to remind me to ride it, our RV and a picture of Albuquerque, to inspire me for our trip west this year.

Then I glued it all up on my poster board and voila! I have my dream board, a visual which I can look at every day to remind me of what I want this year.

If you haven’t done one already, what’s stopping you from doing one now?Gerri's 2013 Vision Board

Posted on: January 2, 2013
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