Let me tell you something, if I feel deprived, I won't be sticking with a commitment very long. That's why I dislike the word 'DIET'; the word die is nested in there! So you'll hear me refer to my eating as a food plan, rather than die-et!

DSCN2382Part of my commitment for this year is healthy living, which includes how I eat and also exercise. I've been out on the recumbent bike every day since 2013 rolled in. Okay, so that's only three days, with plans for a ride later this afternoon with ny husband, but I'd say I'm off to a good start, wouldn't you too?

I eat vegetarian for the most part. I've been doing this since March, by the suggestion of a nutritionist (who I paid money to, so I ought to listen to this professional's advice, right?). On Christmas Eve, I prepared a delicious leg of lamb and decided to enjoy meat that night. Well let me tell you what, I paid for that with a growling, not-happy tummy for the next three days. That's more evidence for me that my body is more happy with veggies than the carnivor route.

My point here is that I need to prepare really nice meals for myself. The other night I roasted some vegetables and calculated out the calories on My Fitness Pal. (by the way, if you count calories, this is a great tool – I can plan my meals in the morning, and just check on what I'm going to eat on my cell phone!) My meal looked so abundant and tasty that I just took a picture of it! It was a dinner fit for a princess like me!

Yeah, I'm eating like a real princess in 2013, taking good care of myself and loving life! How about you? There's something spiritual about this whole thing. I don't quite know how to describe it but it's a really, nice feeling.

Dinner fit for a king

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