Norwegian DawnTomorrow we leave on a seven day cruise in the Western Caribbean. We've been on many three and one 5-day, but this is our first time to try a whole week.

My word for 2013 is 're-frame'; and I'm still in the process of reframing my thinking about vacation. It doesn't have to be a food-for-all, run from one activity to another and wear oneself out.

Prior to my commitment to healthy living, the mere thought of sailing meant weight gain. This isn't a requirement! Now I look forward to a whole week with that handsome husband of mine, some exciting excursions and shopping of course! There will be  no computer, no cell phone and no over-eating! Yes, it can be done!

I like to start my day out in the ship gym, on the treadmill. Usually they face the bow and it's great fun to kind of 'walk' into port! Dave's a good sport and joins me, although he surely doesn't 'need' the exercise like I do. That reminds me – pull out rhe exercise clothes to pack – check!

I also love the opportunity for quiet time. I've got a few good books to read, some sunscreen and my daily inspiration book for meditation. Yes, you can practice spiritual disciplines while on vacation. Why would I take a break from what inspires me?

No worry about the food – We avoid the midnight buffets. On the last night, there's usually one that really goes overboard with artistic food arrangements and ice carvings, but I actually go to satisfy my visual palate, rather than my oral!

Meals are not a problem either. I usually start out by informing the maitre'd that I have food sensitivities and they are always accomodating. This year I've added a new dimension to being wheat and sugar-free – my diet is mostly vegetarian. I may have some chicken or fish but keep it limited, and no red meat. I prepared roast leg of lamb on Christmas Eve and boy, did I pay for that for the next few days. It tells me that my body seems better adjusted to a green cuisine! We are cruising on the Norwegian Dawn this time, which features 'freestyle dining' – no assigned tables or meal times. I still don't anticipate a problem. When I ask for help, rather than act like I used to (a bimbo on a diet), I get what I need,

This will be my last blog for a week. I've packed my camera and a journal, but no computer. My primary goal is to spoil the beejeebers out of Mr. Helms. God knows, he deserves that! I also plan to relax, read a few books, go kayaking in Cozumel and tubing in Belize! So, see you in a week!  

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