VacationIt’s always good to take a vacation, even if you’re retired! Our Christmas gift to one another was a cruise to the Western Caribbean and what a grand time it was! Now home, and reflecting back, I learned some things about myself.


RoatanWe visited four ports; Roatan, Belize, Cosa Maya  and Cozumel. The tours enabled us to see some of the countries; definitely third world. I have a new, humble appreciation for the abundance we enjoy in the United States, often taken for granted by most, especially me. The fact that our home has windows is a big deal! Our roads are paved, and a Wal-Mart usually within five miles of wherever I might happen to be.


Norwegian offers what they call ‘freestyle cruising’. This enables you to eat whenever you wish, rather than at a specific time, table, wait staff and restaurant. I come away not a fan. We always sat at a table for two. Now, I love David Helms and truly enjoyed my one-on-one time with him, but I also like meeting new people, the camaraderie and colorful conversations. We sometimes could talk with folks at nearby during breakfast or lunch, but dinner was usually rather isolated. We met a few people at the pool and on the tours but mostly hung out by ourselves.


Mega-SaladAh and the food! There was a wonderful variety of cuisines and flavors, but they did a poor job with food allergies. I would have had to pre-order for the next evening if I wanted something prepared without wheat or sugar, which sort of defeats the freestyle dining concept. I’m used to doing this on other cruise lines, but when we stay at the same restaurants, that’s expected.  The vegetarian entrée often didn’t work, because of the wheat. Most nights I selected vegetables from several entrees and had a lovely meal, and dessert was delicious, fresh fruit.


We started nearly every day with exercise too! The fitness center was well equipped and we were able to use the bikes or treadmills for an hour before heading to one of the restaurants for breakfast. Even with that, and watching what I ate, I still gained a few pounds. Whenever food tastes especially good, you can be sure they’re adding some combination of fat, sugar or flour! No worry, I’m back to weighed and measured portions and daily bike rides now that we’re home.


rough seasWe had fairly smooth seas, with one rough night, which I wouldn’t have even known about had I not woke up to use the rest room. It was necessary to balance against the wall a bit from the sway, which really rocked me right back to sleep! Seven days on the sea gave me an internal ‘sway’; I felt a bit light headed for the first two days back onland.


DSCN6021We’re home, for now. Dave’s already mapping out our next RV trip. We should be heading west mid-March. In retrospect, I prefer cruising on the highway to the big boat, and am looking forward to seeing more of our beautiful country.

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