Coaching from the Coach BannerIn May of last year, Dave and I took off in our RV for six months, touring Georgia, Virginia and the Carolinas. It was a wonderful trip, culminating in Homestead, FL for the last NASCAR race of the season. We've been in dry-dock since the Monday before Thanksgiving, enjoying our home in The Great Outdoors RV and Golf Resort, but itch get back into our home on wheels and hit the road

I learned a lot about myself on that trip. First of all, I dearly love my husband, but wondered how it would be when we were confined to less than 40' distance between one another for an extended period of time. I am happy to report that we're still stupid in love and looking forward to heading west in Mid-March. We each had our moments where the need to be right superseded love but it didn't take long to see that we'd rather be friends than right.

We are taking advantage of the three months on Baytree Drive to do some remodeling at home, a little painting, some new furniture and also ripping out the carpet in the RV and replacing it with something more dog-friendly. Soon I'll be thinking about what to take along and what to leave behind. I learned a lot from last year, and there's a bunch of stuff that we took and hardly, if ever, used.

As you know (maybe you don't), I'm a life coach, and also an instructor for World Coach Institute. There's my inspiration for the name of this blog; 'Coaching from the Coach'. I had so much fun with 'Reflections from an RV' but I want to use this journal for more than telling you where we've been and what we're doing. Living a dream is amazing, and dreams become goals when coupled with an action plan. And that's what we're doing. We dreamed of seeing this beautiful country once retired. Welll, Dave's retired completely but I truly can 'coach from the coach', so I'll continue to work from the road, if you really can call it that. I think the best jobs are when it feels like people are paying me to play. I truly love partnering with people who really want to make their dreams come true.

I'm counting down. We take off in exactly forty-two days. Who knows what great adventures will end up in my blog? Stay tuned!