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Remember when “Spam” was a disgusting side for eggs over easy? spamPerhaps you are too young to be familiar with this canned conglomeration of spiced ham, salt, water and modified potato starch containing minimal nutritional value. Sounds appetizing, doesn’t it? I think my Mother served it to us once, as a cheap protein. With six kids, I’m sure she tried to economize wherever possible, but I suspect the majority of it ended up in the trash or the dog’s bowl. I don’t think Mom ever bought it again. I think that you still can buy spam but don’t look for it on my pantry shelves. Yuck!


spam2SPAM has taken on a whole new meaning in today’s virtual world. It’s those annoying, unsolicited bulk messages, indiscriminately arriving in my email inbox under the auspices of advertising. It’s more like a plague than something of interest. And It’s no longer limited to email – you can find spam on the social media sites.

 “Friends” on Facebook can be guilty of SPAM too, seducing me to play games where I can collect gems, cultivate a virtual farm or master the art of cooking with friends. I also receive lots of invitations to attend Star Wars conventions, social bashes, and webinars on how to improve my media presence.

My latest SPAM is right on this very blog! I do enjoy comments and receive some wonderful notes from readers, but lately am plagued with opportunists who look for an opportunity to share their websites. I am quite sure that the majority of my readers are not interested in Coach bags, the latest weight loss schemes, and reducing (or enlarging) various body parts. You have to hand it to them, nice try, but no dice; no comments can get through without my intercession, so feel free to read any comments that are associated with this blog.

 I have discovered an acronym for SPAM:





So, I start my day out with sorting through the dozen or so 'comments' on my blog, delete the attempts to sell you something under the auspices of a comment, and keep my eye out for a legitimate reader who has something to say.

Why would anyone want to buy either the original or the electronic SPAM? When I want to buy something, I go to a store or search for it on the internet. It is highly unlikely that I’ll see a blinking distraction on my screen as something I absolutely have to buy! 

If you are a spammer and reading this, know that I’m not interested in your stupid, pointless, annoying messages about products and/or services which I don’t want or need. Stop bugging me!

OuchOh gosh … you don’t see THIS as spam, do you? It is kind of stupid, pointless and annoying, isn’t it? Okay the truth is, that I’ve been sitting in this chair now for a week, with my foot elevated, nursing a very bruised ankle from a freak bicycle accident last Thursday. I’m a little stir crazy and everything is annoying me. So, my inspiration for writing today is SPAM. Hey, we’re down to 40 days before taking off again in our RV, so I promise, better topics are on the horizon.

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