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I can’t believe it is almost here. In just over two weeks, we’ll hook up the Jeep to the back of the RV and head west. So much to do and so little time! My desk is cluttered with lists of tasks, adorned with colorful highlighters as I finish one more thing. Of course, for every one completed, two more go onto the list.


DSCN6021We’ve been home since November and have used the time to spruce up the RV. The ‘ding’ on the door from Williamsburg is repaired; new vent covers will now allow us to get some fresh air when it’s raining; Dave tore the carpeting out of the living room and bedroom , replacing it with a new product called Allure. It looks great and is much more dog-friendly. You cannot imagine how much sand two little fur balls can drag in from a ten minute morning walk.


I’ve been thinking about where we’ll store our winter clothes and when to start moving stuff out there. I will be spending the weekend before in Memphis for a convention so I’ll need to get some preliminary stuff done before that.


But that’s all semantics, as far as I’m concerned. My primary goal in blogging is to concentrate on we are experiencing and the wonderful people we meet, rather than a diatribe on “today we went here or there and saw this or that.”


DSCN2409You know that I’m a spiritual life coach, and every January  1st, I create a vision board as a reminder of what is really important; to experience miracles in my everyday life. There aren’t many walls in the RV where I could hang my vision board, so I’ve taken a picture of it and posted it on my laptop front screen. Every time I turn on the computer, I am reinforcing my intentions!


My vision board reminds me to take extraordinary care of this sixty-three year old girl – eat right and exercise. Last year I changed my diet to more plant and grain based, rather than animal protein. My body really seems to like it. I also was discouraged by the gradual expansion of my tummy – a by-product of post-menopause, a sluggish thyroid and insufficient exercise. The body movement is new for me, enjoying a nearly-daily bike ride, but also knowing I needed some help with strength training.


Jonathan BergeronIt’s hard to take a personal trainer on the road with me, but I’m doing just that. I’ve discovered Jon Bergeron and his innovative workout idea – Jon  developes an individual exercise plan for his clients and intends to get me into the best shape possible – while I'm on the road!  He can  hold me accountable with his very creative online program. It’s perfect for me! As a coach, I know how important it is to have support for one’s goals.


So you see, taking care of myself is spiritual. I want to be physically able to help Dave with the RV, to have lots of stamina to enjoy this wonderful country of ours when we head west.

In just over two weeks!

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