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Helms’ RV – start your engine! And we did, at 6:22 on Tuesday morning. After a crawl through Orlando’s morning rush hour traffic, we headed north on the turnpike, until we finally reached Interstate 10 west. We’re going to be in FL for a few weeks yet; not required to be in Albuquerque until the end of April. It is just so great to be back in the RV.


DSCN2759The trip was blissfully uneventful, crossing over into the Central time zone for our first destination – Panama City. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my phone calendar automatically adjusted itself; thought I was going to have to change a bunch of appointments but once again, technology finds a way to amaze me. I unfortunately confused myself and booked a client for 10 a.m. EST today, and somehow booked another at the same time. Thank goodness it worked out okay for us all.


We’re settled in at a really nice RV park at the Panama City Coast Guard base, right on the marina. I think we brought too much stuff and are now assessing where to put it all. Hey, we’re going to be traveling for a year or more so I’d rather have too much than to miss something that’s back home. A friend did remind me however, that there are Wal-marts everywhere and the closest one is near the beach.


We’ll be here until Tuesday and hope to do some kayaking tomorrow or Saturday since we’re right on a beautiful bay.


So, consider this the official kick off of Coaching from the Coach! I worked yesterday, teaching a class for World Coach Institute and coached a long-time, wonderful client. You have no idea how wonderful it is to have found a second career that works so well with our RV lifestyle. Stay tuned!

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