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Panama City!


We’ve been here since Tuesday and excited to be on the first leg of our journey across the country. Dave has planned it out so we are able to relax a few days before moving on. We talked to a few other campers who were here overnight, scurrying on to their next destination, missing what may be here to enjoy.


DSCN2777Its spring break and the beaches are teeming with bikinis and sunburns!  Wal-Mart’s parking lot was packed and the store clogged with young people in various stages of unattire! LOL. Try to picture Dave and me in stark contrast – bundled up in sweatshirts while most of the other shoppers wore bathing suits, flip flops or no shoes at all! I felt cold just looking at them, but compared to up north, I suppose that it is warm here.


DSCN2792We are staying at the Naval Support Activity Center Base, just about a football field from the Marina. There are great opportunities for watersports, including my favorite; kayaking. We rethought renting one, as the water was quite choppy and the air very cool yesterday. Wet feet wouldn’t be so fun.


DSCN2794A rather severe storm this morning limited our options today to indoors. The bay is only a football field away, and this morning, we couldn’t see the closest shore. The morning before graced us with the most amazing sunrise, but alas, I didn’t have the forethought to whip out my camera. I still have three more mornings to capture the sun’s rays creating diamonds on the water.


Tonight’s plans include church, dinner out at Genghis Grill. (If there is one in your area, you absolutely have to check them out! Tomorrow will probably be a very spiritual day of watching NASCAR! We might be able to explore the beach area on Monday and prepare to head out on Tuesday for Mary Esther, FL; Hurlburt Air Force Base. I teach my last class for World Coach Institute ( for this semester on Monday. What a great class of new life coaches!


Today, I guess my coaching question to you is this; “How might you rethink your present circumstanceDSCN2764s to live the life you’ve always dreamed about?”

2 Responses to Coaching from the Coach – 03/23/13
  1. My life is so different and beyond anything I ever managed to dream up, that I think I will keep on just letting God dream for me and keep suiting up and showing up for what he has in mind. I love the surprises.

  2. We like to plan a few days at each stop too…it's much more relaxing and adventurous…pretty beach! We are doing the same thing spiritually through Fontana 🙂  I'm rethinking our present circumstances and would much rather be traveling with you rather than going to doctors!! We just spent 4 days at Little Manatee River SP in Wimauma…enjoyed the cardinals, armadillos, rabbits, and tortoises wandering through our "yard". Glad the alligator stayed in the river! We are taking short trips until we get the go-ahead for the eastern states. Stay safe and keep blogging!!

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