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I hadn’t expected to be writing again so soon, but then again, I hadn’t expected such a glorious Sunday. When such inspiration arrives, allowing it to simmer risks losing some of the flavor. This day was just too juicy and spicy to cook away the feelings.


DSCN2797The forecast was possible violent weather; we intended to stay in, watch the NASCAR race and veg out. The sun made a liar out of the forecasters, so we changed our minds, headed over to Panama City Beach and watched the spring break kids get sunburns and tipsy.

Dave wanted to visit Tyndal Air Force base, where he was stationed from 1989 to 1990 and served as Assistant Deputy Commander of Maintenance. Since it turned out to be a wonderful day for a drive, we turned around and headed east. After all, how many girls are lucky enough to be tooling around with a handsome, retired Assistant Deputy Commander of Maintenance?


I really like Dave Helms, you know. He’s interesting, entertaining but rarely tickled pink. When we pulled into the base, he proudly pointed out a display of jet fighters – his maintenance squadron worked on them when he was stationed there. We decided to stop by and grab a couple pictures on our way out.


DSCN2803As we walked up to the F-15, Dave stopped dead in his tracks, smiled and pointed to the numbers on the back of the plane 740095 – it was one of his! In fact, it had followed him there from Luke AFB, (Phoenix), where it was his charge in the late 70’s! Dave was tickled pink! Retired Lt. Col David Lee Helms can be tickled pink.


We even made it back in time to see the best part of the race, the finish and the post-finish fists-flying. My favorite driver, Tony Stewart went fist-to-cuffs with Joey Logano after some questionable blocking. You gotta love NASCAR!


While this trip is fun, and emulates a vacation, it behooves me to place extraordinary value on the personal disciplines which contribute to my good health and physique. The longer days afforded us enough time for an invigorating bike ride and my strength training. We really love our near-daily bike rides and are happy for the longer days and of course, the gorgeous weather!


DSCN2811Going on the road doesn’t mean forfeiting my personal trainer. Jon Bergeron ( uploads weekly exercise routines for me. The resistance bands are perfect for the RV!


Tomorrow I teach. Tuesday, we pack up and head for Destin, Florida. My friend and fellow World Coach Instructor Tom Mueller lives there and we hope to hook up with him and his wife before we head to Louisiana.


Pee Wee Herman’s Big Adventure pales in comparison.


My coaching question is this; how might a little spontaneity create some amazing memories for you?

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