Coaching from the Coach BannerTomorrow we leave Florida! The last two weeks have been spent in the Panhandle and a great beginning to our journey. It; was a nice way to ease out of our state. I’m looking forward to spending time in Louisiana, seeing some friends and enjoying the Big Easy.


DSCN2875This past week has been spent at Hurlburt Air Force Base in Mary Esther, just west of Fort Walton Beach.  The weather started out cool and turned delightfully warm; short-sleeved-warm yesterday, just in time for Easter and David’s birthday. We love being Catholic and attended Mass at the Base Chapel. This priest was a delightful celebrant, kind of rocking and rolling to the uplifting hymns. I really enjoyed his enthusiasm and the message of Redemption.


Of course, there has to be an Easter egg hunt, and the military dependent children scurried beneath bushes and planes to find their treasures. It was really an oxymoron, their innocence amid relics of war.

 Dave’s 68th birthday coincided with Easter this year. He awoke to a little cake, a card, one candy egg and one undecorated, hard-boiled egg. I didn’t think to pack food coloring and resisted using magic markers, not wanting to poison my sweet husband! All he wanted to do was to drive along the ocean towards Pensacola, so the cake, egg and candy went into the fridge for later, lest some food-addicted puppy sneak up on the table and eat it while we were gone! We must push chairs all the way under the table or Pooh Bear will hop up there and eat whatever we may have left out. Alas, she cannot get back down on her own and has spent more than one afternoon with a full tummy but stranded.


DSCN2892The day trip was wonderful. We saw some gorgeous beaches and found a fantastic seafood place along Pensacola Bay for lunch, my treat. Their specialty was oysters, so what do you think Dave ordered? A bowl of gumbo and a Monte-Cristo sandwich. I’ll never understand his food choices. Of course, I opted for the house specialtiy – oysters, asparagus and some amazing southern grits. Yummo! I had to adjust my calories at dinner to stay within my 1,200 allotment.


We both share the cooking responsibilities in my wonderful, spacious RV kitchen. Dave likes to ‘crock pot’, and prepared a savory swiss steak last week. It’s all for him; I don’t eat red meat any more. Of course, he’d be happy with bologna sandwiches most of the time. Our culinary commonality is non-existent! Give me a big dish of roasted veggies and I’m a happy girl.


DSCN2833Simplicity is the key to RV’ing. We have a washer-dryer hook up in our bedroom closet but opted for the extra storage instead of the laundry. Dave found a cute little manual washer and an electric spinner online and enjoys washing our clothes a few times a week and drying them out of doors on a clothes line. Once a week he uses a Laundromat for the big, bulky sheets, towels and throw rugs. It works! While he turns the crank on the little washer, he catches up with football with his headset tuned in on Sirius radio.


I also still work, hence the “coaching from the coach” tagline. I just wrapped up another semester of teaching with WCI  I love the opportunity to share this wonderful career with the students. Dave finds something quiet to do while I am on the phone, twice a week for three hours. What a guy, eh?


DSCN2838Fun activities this week included visiting the marina in Destin. We enjoyed meandering around the shops, watching fishermen clean their catch of the day and a Starbucks coffee. Dave has always wanted his own hot dog stand, and it looks someone beat him to it. Anyway, it would be hard to tow that behind the motor home, so that's one dream you'll have to put on a back burner, David!

DSCN2859On Friday night, we caught up with fellow coach & WCI instructor, Tom Mueller. We had such a good time visiting with one another. What a treat, to finally put a face (and such a face at that!) with with a name! While we two coaches jibber-jabbered about our common interest, Dave and Tom’s wife Kimberly discussed art. She is an amazing painter, specializing in acrylics. I particularly loved her rendition of a giraffe and wish I had the big bucks to claim it for my own. Perhaps she’ll do prints and I can get one of those someday! Tom, what’s Kim’s website?


The weather is gorgeous today, as if Florida is giving us a warm send-off. I hope to get in another great ride before we put the bikes on the back of the car tonight. There’s a bridge across highway 98 which joins the recreation side to the main base. Yesterday I rode for nearly 12 miles on a fantastic exercise trail, which ran along the flight line. I felt totally invigorated at the end. Jon Bergeron, ( my trainer, would be proud of me! Now, if I could just develop the same passion for my strength training …


Tomorrow we pull up anchor and head out of the Sunshine State. I’m very excited; it feels like we’ll really be on our way west once we move into Alabama. Stay tuned for my next blog from Robert, LA!


Laissez les bons temps rouler (let the good times roll!)

Posted on: April 1, 2013
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