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DSCN2921Ah, we’re in another state!


DSCN2894We left Florida on Tuesday, April 2nd, heading for Robert, LA. It was such a pretty day; we drove over the Pensacola Bay, with Pooh Bear in her usual spot – sleeping on the dashboard! We aren’t used to getting up with an alarm anymore but to be on the safe side, we opted for a 6 a.m. wake up and on the road by 8. Smart move!


DSCN2902DSCN2909We were making great time, sailed through Alabama, cruised into Mississippi. We saw the Carnival cruise ship in dock at Mobile; I think it was the one that caught fire in the Gulf a while back. Turns out a few days later, it came loose from it’s moorings in a high wind storm!


DSCN2917We spent way more time in Mississippi than planned  – hit a huge traffic jam, taking nearly two hours to travel two miles. Turned out to be a truck wreck; we hoped no one was hurt! Once we got through that mess, it was smooth sailing to Louisiana.


DSCN2943Finally we arrived at our home for the next week – a Jellystone campground, complete with corny signs featuring Yogi Bear. This is really a nice, clean place, fairly quiet until the weekend when the place filled up, with partiers! Campfires lit up darkened evenings, and the wonderful aroma of hot dogs, steaks and roasting marshmallows filled the air. While walking the dogs, we heard stories about hunting, fishing and LSU sports! Everyone was very considerate however, and shut down outside noise by the time we went to bed.


DSCN2928DSCN2931On Thursday we headed out early to visit our friends, Janice and Jimmie Sullivan in Houma. Dave and Jimmie were going to go out in the bayou in  Jimmie’s mud boat but it was really too cold and damp. We opted to hang out, enjoy Janice’s amazing Cajun cooking and talk up a storm! She fixed us some delicious fried oysters; Dave snagged a few raw ones, as well as a bowl of Janice’s delicious gumbo!  


DSCN2938Jimmie is an avid hunter, as well as a taxidermist. We enjoyed seeing his latest project and he explained the process to Dave. It’s hard to believe that he’s 80 years old. Those Cajun men sure hold their youthful looks!


We caught up with friends Larry and Aleta Pickholtz on Friday night for dinner in Hammond, but I forgot to take a picture! I had a workshop in Baton Rouge on Saturday. Dave dropped me off explored the city while I was working. 


DSCN2964On Sunday we trekked across the Lake Ponchatrain, over 24 miles from shore to shore. It almost seems like an ocean once you get out there! Our destination? New Orleans! What a fun day. We visited Bourbon Street and then strolled around Jackson Square in the French Quarter.  We met a cute English Bulldog puppy named Beaux. I swear he smiled at me when I gave his back a good scratching!


DSCN2976No visit to the Big Easy would be complete without a stop at Café Du Monde, for a cup of café au latte and a few begnoits (pronounced benyays). I don’t eat them, but Dave enjoyed three, getting powdered sugar all over himself.  I stuck to that delicious chicory coffee.


DSCN2988DSCN2997Next stop was the French Market. There were so many statues and Dave wanted his picture taken with every one of them! There were even some live statutes – people who'd painted themselves up like robots and then danced to lively tunes on a boom box! We found lots of gators too, which should please my friend Gloria who’s a die-hard Florida fan. (I picked up a gift for you, girlfriend!) It was a fun day. We didn’t realize how much we’d walked until it was time to find the car. Wow, I bet we trudged a good five or six miles! My hips and feet are feeling it this morning. Getting old ain’t for sissies!


Monday is a a getting-ready day for Dave. The black water is unhooked, the bikes are loaded on the back of the car and whatever could be put up outside is put up! I had quite a few clients on the phone today; “coaching from the coach!” , doing my inside prep-work for the move in-between calls, so that we can roll out early Tomorrow. We'll be headingg for the Western side of the state, a town called Many, not far from Shrevesport. I have a friend who lives there and I’ll see if we can connect. And then we're Texas-bound.


This trip continues to be so much fun!  When confined to a 40’ space, you better be stupid-in-love with your traveling buddy. Dave and I like each other real good. Oh, don’t get me wrong, there are days when I think we both would like to leave the other behind, but they’re few and far between. I think he’d have liked to can me last night when I whooped his butt in Canasta. Don’t worry, my time is coming.


We’re enjoying some warm weather again today. Funny, some nights we need to run heat, followed by opening the windows. Today the door is open and the sun’s shining. Ya gotta love it! Next chapter, Western Louisiana or maybe even Texas!

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  1. I really enjoy "traveling" with you! Great job blogging.

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