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The journey continues!


DSCN3004We left Louisiana on April 12th, Texas bound. After a terrible storm two nights previous, we woke up to brilliant sunshine, minimal traffic and crossed the border into the Lone star State!



The four hour drive was without incident which is always lovely when riding in a 40’ RV, towing a 4-door jeep and two bicycles. Most roads were 4-lane until we closed in on our destination. The GPS overshot the entrance to Lake Tawakoni and were left with no place to turn around for several miles.


You cannot back up an RV with a vehicle in tow. Our option would have been to unhook the car and drive it separately, but luckily we found a small country church with a parking lot big large enough to turn around.


DSCN3006This park is lovely – lots of well-paved roads for bike riding, which we’ve done nearly every day we’ve been here. Point is a very small town; population of less than 700! There are rolling farms, with longhorn cattle, horses, ponies and we even saw a few miniature horses. Lake Tawakoni is beautiful, as you may have seen from a few sunset pictures on Facebook! Lots of oak trees for shade.


DSCN3011On Saturday night we drove into Canton to attend Mass. St. Therese church was small and cozy, with some exquisite stain-glass windows. Whenever I take out the camera after the service, someone will inevitably come up to chat, share some point of interest about the church and welcome us to the area.


IMG_0065DSCN3039Several Texan friends had suggested the rose gardens in Tyler, so that was our Monday day-trip. We’ve been ‘good’, eating most of our meals in, and decided to splurge on some Tex-Mex. We found Taqueria Y Restaurant Lindo Mexico, definitely original Mexican food. The wait-staff were primary Spanish-speakers, prices good and food delicioso!  It was the perfect way to start our tour of Tyler’s Rose Gardens.


DSCN3056DSCN3076 With it being so early in the spring, I didn’t expect to see a lot of roses, but that isn’t the only thing blooming here. The colors were amazing; lots of azeleas, gladiolas, pansies, and many varieties I didn’t recognize. There were roses too, and they had that distinct perfumed aroma which was amazing. We strolled through the gardens for a few hours before heading back to our little home-on-wheels.

DSCN3082One curious thing we've discovered here in Texas is an affinity for donuts, and not the big chain brands either. We saw a plethora of donut places, little holes-in-the-wall joints with full parking lots, even in the middle of the afternoon. Huh!


This really has been a week to just regroup, relax and renew!  Rather than run ourselves ragged, we try to alternate between sight-seeing and resting in the RV. We’ve not done a whole lot while here; there really isn’t that much to do actually! That’s good. I’ve coached a few people this week. Dave is amazing when I work, finding something quiet to do for extended periods of time. We both really love riding around on our bikes too, sporting baskets so that Snickerdoodle and Pooh Bear can join us. Just one happy family!


Tomorrow we will pick up anchor again, drive west to the other side of Dallas/Fort Worth. We have some friends nearby to visit and Dave wants to see the football stadium. Not sure what else we’ll do, as we work our way toward Albuquerque.


Traveling around the country with my best friend, Dave, has been fantastic. It’s about having a dream, and then taking steps to make that dream come true. Every day doesn’t have to be loaded with activities; the days where we just sit around and do nothing are fun too. I hope that you focus on putting your dreams into action. Oh if you need someone to help with reaching those goals, I’m available! I’m coaching from the coach!