Coaching from the Coach BannerDSCN3101Now, tell me, what could be spiritual about touring a 1.2 billion dollar stadium? I wondered that myself, when Dave announced that he wanted to drive to Fort Worth to see the new Dallas Cowboy’s football venue. Hey, Dave does a lot of nice stuff for me so it’s appropriate that I reciprocate and do some things he likes too, right?


DSCN3105I acted very supportive and worked myself into the right frame of mind to be a caring wife on an outing that surely was going to bore me right out of my mind.



 DSCN3108The drive was nice, a clear, sweater-weather day, including a nice lunch at Chilis before heading to the stadium. Guided tours cost $17.95 a person, and the one o’clock was already filled when we arrived. We meandered through the gift shop, bought a nice little present for my Dallas-fan Brother-in-Law Craig Vollman, and lined up a few minutes before two, with eighteen or so other football enthusiasts. I was immediately enamored with a little guy named Christopher, tall for his age, and very shy. He was so fun to watch throughout the afternoon, a new Cowboys fan in the making for sure.


DSCN3116We started out in one of the private venues. I suppose one could rent it for a kajillion dollars, but it was really state-of-the-art beautiful, holding the football theme to the max. Even the recessed lighting was fashioned after the old pigskin. The marble floors had flecks of blue for the Cowboys. Amazing.


On the way to the press box, we passed by these suspended silver helmets, cascading down in free-form sculpture!  Now the reporters are used to fine seats right on the 50 yard line, but Old Jerry Jones figured he’d stick them in the corner, and sell those primo seats to the fans for another kajillion dollars, and rightfully so! You know, that 1.2 billion dollar stadium paid for itself in three years. Good business. I understood that 98% of the seats were already purchased by season ticket holders. Suites seat 45, and if you are financially fortunate enough to go that route, you must buy it for the whole season, every seat, whether or not you use them or not.


The tour guide told us that Mary Kay has a suite, and what color do you suppose the seats are? Pink, of course! I didn’t actually get to see that but I could only imagine.


DSCN3172We also toured the locker rooms. Dave enjoyed the pictures in the cheerleader’s area, but alas, none of the actual ladies showed up for pur visual pleasure! The home team’s locker was really nice. Tony Roma’s site seemed to be the most popular and there was even a shirt to try on, complete with big shoulder pads. I can’t say it was very comfortable, giving me a new respect for all the other gear players must wear to protect themselves.


The 1.2 million pound video board was also something to see. It cannot be lowered directly onto the floor, because it would break the concrete! The graphics were the best I’ve ever seen. Oh, and side windows are all sliding glass doors; together with the roof the roof can roll back in minutes for an open air venue.


DSCN3181Everywhere I looked, I was treated to visual amazement – fun artwork, innovative touches that truly makes a visit to this stadium worthwhile. We used to have season tickets to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but that pales in comparison to this ‘biggest’ stadium. Of course it is the biggest – it’s Texas! And I'm counting this as exercise because our tour guide said we'd walked a mile and a half!


DSCN3162My husband had a really wonderful time, and I have to admit it, so did I. What started out to be a tolerable day of support turned into a fun time with the “Man God sent for me to spoil.” I also enjoyed watching the other fans, and their reactions, all the way down to that cute little Christopher. Who knows, maybe he’ll be playing on that field someday. Both of his parents were quite tall, and Dad could have been a defensive lineman for sure!

 So our RV adventure continues. Tomorrow we leave Texas, choosing to drive 8 hours and cross over the New Mexico border to Tucumcari. We usually just do half that distance in one day but are opting to just get closer to our destination of Albuquerque on Sunday. That means I had to make two salads at lunchtime – one for today and another for tomorrow, so I can just grab it out of the fridge. Dave will be happy with some chips and a bologna sandwich. It will be a fun day, enjoying the scenery and small talking with that handsome man.

 Yeah, it’s all a spiritual experience when my heart is open to it.