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DSCN3234I think the last place I wrote was Texas. Wow, could that have been over three weeks ago? We initially had intended to break the last part of our trip into two days, but we bit the bullet and did one long day of driving to get across the border into New Mexico.

Our first stop was Tucumcari, an interesting little town which fell victim to big interstate 40. Most of the little towns along route 66 became ghost towns. Many of the businesses were closed but kept the old signage, reminiscent of the sixties heydays.

I teach for World Coach Institute, making it paramount that we be in a place with good telephone and internet access that Saturday. Tucumcari provided both. While I worked for three hours on Saturday morning, Dave walked the dogs and explored the mostly boarded-up town.

That afternoon, we checked things out a bit, enjoyed some good Mexican food and found a little Catholic church about a mile from the RV park. We walked to Mass that night, getting a little exercise. The Mass was in English and celebrated first Holy Communion for about twenty children, all dressed in white. The music was exquisite, with several guitars and a full choir.

Early Sunday morning, we pulled up anchor and headed for Albuquerque, where I would attend a week-long conference. The drive was uneventful and if you are an RV’er, that’s wonderful! Any time we can get from one place to another with no challenges is a big deal!  The scenery along the way was fantastic, with lots of mountains, plateaus, and bright blue skies. It really felt like we were finally ‘out west’.

The Embassy Suites hotel allowed us to park the RV on premise, which was great. We kept the dogs in the coach at night, a much better option than putting them in a kennel. Dave left for a few days for Cory’s wedding and a few friends helped me out with dog walking! It was a tiring week but really worked out well.

After the conference, we moved over to Kirtland Air Force Base for a few days, before heading onto Arizona. The base RV facility was terrific, with a great view of the mountains. Watching the sunrise in the mornings was a great way to start our days. We were able to get in some bike riding and just sort of chilled for a few days.

DSCN3273We took a day-trip to Santa Fe which was great fun. We had been to the old town part of the city years ago but love to visit the beautiful churches and of course, shop! A local recommended a great little Tex-Mex restaurant which wasn’t too pricy and the food was good.

We decided to take the Turquoise Trail back to Albuquerque, stopping in the little town of Madras along the way. A scene from the movie, Wild Hogs, starring John Travolta was filmed there. We spent about an hour walking around before continuing on to  Albuquerque. Shortly before arriving, I discovered that altitude sickness is real; the combination of 7,000’ altitude in Santa Fe and not drinking enough water had my head spinning. Thank God, I felt a lot better on Friday morning when we took off for Cottonwood, AZ, just south of Sedona.

We’re going to be here for three weeks. It feels good to have some roots for longer than a few days and this Thousand Trails resort is a perfect place for us to relax, renew and visit local attractions. We are a short drive from the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Phoenix, Mesa, ghost towns and the glorious mountains.

I'm having somewhat of a difficult time uploading pictures into the blog; we're in a skimpy internet connection here so there's not as many pictures as I want share. Stay tuned for more of our continuing adventures of ‘Coaching from the Coach!’, and I'll post pictures to facebook as we go along.