I’ve been missing your blog, Gerri. When are you going to blog again?” David Helms

When one’s own husband, who rarely comments on anything I write (he hasn’t even read my whole book, “Trust God and Buy Broccoli, A Spiritual Approach to Weight Loss”, not that he has 100 lbs. to lose or anything) comments that he’s not seen me blog for a while, it’s been a while. So I checked, and sure enough, the last blog was May 13th in Sedona, AZ!

I’ve been posting pictures along the way on Facebook, as we dropped our RV anchor in Las Vegas, NV, Soledad Canyon, Chowchilla, San Benito and now Morgan Hill, CA. We’ve gone from a high of 122 in the desert to cool 60 degree mornings in the California foothills. We’ve spent time hiking along the Grand Canyon in AZ, the Red Rock Canyon in NV, Pinnacles, Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks in CA. We survived the LA freeway and gazed at the wonderful Pacific Coast along Monterey, Carmel and Santa Cruz.

We spent my birthday (July 25th) on the Strip in Vegas, enjoyed a 3 week visit with our fourteen year old granddaughter Cassie Weast from Chicago, went to Disneyland with our son Cory and his beautiful bride, Jana Waring-Helms. (I truly felt my age however, as the youngins’ zoomed around from one ride to the next and I caught my breath!) We went to Mass and had dinner with my brother Fred Ganssle and his wife Betty-Ann in Fresno.

Gosh, why did I wait so long to write?

Whew. Let me catch my breath for a second and reflect. Here’s the bottom line; we are loving life in our RV, traveling through this amazing country of the United States. Our immediate plans include spending the next year in California, and heading to Washington and Oregon for summer 2014. Who knows after that? For now, it’s fun to be on the journey and not worry so much about the destinations. Every place we’ve visited has filled my heart with amazing memories.  I can’t wait to see what today brings!

I’m thinking about two things this morning. First is family, of which I have an amazing one. Our granddaughter wanted to spend time with us which in itself, is pretty amazing. After all, she’s fourteen and we’re in our mid-sixties; not much in common. Plus, three people in a forty foot RV for three weeks can be challenging. But we dealt with the space issues through compromise on all our part and I think she had a good time. Cassie said we need a cuss-can! I cannot remember swearing in front of her, but perhaps on that L.A. Freeway, #5, I might have let a few choice words slip out. Ugh, I hate that network of highways!

DSCN4273We had some great times with our son, Cory and his new bride Jana. Our daughter Dana was in town for business, so one night the whole gang of us went out for dinner in Pasadena. It was a non-stop, two-hour jab-fest! As some of you know, I never had children, but to have these wonderful kids-by-marriage is more than I ever could have hoped for.

After dropping Cassie off at the Los Angeles Airport, we spent the 4th of July with Cory and Jana, just walking around down-town LA, snapping pictures and having a great time.

We headed north in late July, about an hour from my oldest brother Freddie. We were able to meet up with them for Mass one Saturday night in Fresno, and talked for hours over a delicious dinner at a nice steak restaurant (The name escapes me right now, but Fred would know). I'll have to post pictures from dinner on Facebook because my blog isn't liking the pictures for some reason!

Now we’re in Morgan Hills and looking forward to seeing my niece, Laura Ganssle in the next six weeks. I have a little traveling to do for business next week, so it’ll be after that. I’m going to fly to PA on Friday to see my sister Joanne, my brother Tom and my 92 year old parents, before heading to Cleveland for a convention.

  • I have a big family, by birth and marriage. I love them all so much and am grateful for the opportunity to spend time with them! We’ll be heading south soon for the winter and will see more of Cory and Jana this winter, including Christmas! Hoping Jason will come out to celebrate with us!

Comfort is also on my mind today. RV furniture can be on the ‘cheap’ side – a way to keep costs down, I suppose. Well, our couch and chair were already showing signs of wear and I hated our cheap little dinette table, so rickety! Forget sleeping on a ‘sleeper-sofa’; it’s an oxymoron. I never slept on one yet that was comfortable except at my sister Sandy’s and she puts an air mattress on top of hers.

We opted for Cassie to just sleep on the couch instead of that uncomfortable excuse for a bed, and after she left, I was sitting on that couch one day and thought, “This isn’t even comfortable to sit on!” Thus began my quest for some new, comfy furniture.

While we were in Fresno, I found a furniture outlet with some gorgeous, very affordable wall-hugger recliners. I just knew that they’d fit beautifully and despite Dave’s misgivings about getting the couch out of the RV and finding a home for it, I whipped out my credit card and bought two matching, comfortable loungers! It all worked out beautifully, and I’m sitting in grand style and comfort as I write this morning.

We also saw a table that I loved in the Pasadena Crate and Barrel but I thought it was a bit too pricey. When we parked the rig in San Benito, Dave found an IKEA store in Palo Alto, a good two hour drive, but the same table for about half the first one. Besides, I love putting IKEA furniture together!  We ditched the cheap dinette and now have a fantastic fold-out table and it has six drawers to boot! Nothing like extra storage in an RV. So now you know, our home-on-wheels has less standard RV furniture than when we started out. I'll have to post pictures of the new furniture on Facebook – for some reason I'm having difficulties uploading pictures into the blog and want to get out and enjoy my day!

I won’t be seeing my family today but we intend to explore San Jose and see our lovely friends Ron and Lynda. On Wednesday we’ll head to the Sacramento area – the adventure continues!

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