On the road again!

We’re heading to the Ponderosa RV resort in Lotus, CA for the next three weeks. Morgan Hill sure was a nice town, close to San Jose and very friendly people. The park itself was a challenge, having no sewer hook up.

You can’t really call what we do ‘camping’, but when one of the utilities (like sewer) which we take for granted isn’t there, we get closer to ‘roughing it’. Only staying there for twelve days, it became a game to see if we could be conservative enough with waste water to remain on our site without having to visit the ‘dump station’. The bathing facility was only four RV’s away, with decent showers, and lots of toilets. We only used our own bathroom during the night, and dang if we didn’t make it without moving the RV before this morning!

The next challenge was dishes. I used a dish pan which captured a good portion of our water, and dumped it outside when finished. The grass is dead this time of the year, golden yellow and dry as a bone. When we left this morning, however there were a few green patches where I had dumped the dishwater! I noticed the same thing near a few other RV’s so we weren’t the only ones doing that trick! It really wasn’t that bad, almost fun! Truthfully though, that’s about as much ‘roughing it’ as I want to experience.  Not sure what our next stop will have to offer. They do have a few sights with full hook up but not sure what will be available when we get there.

We’ll just about be settled in when I start throwing clothes in a suitcase for a trip to PA, to see my parents and siblings for the weekend. I’m attending a convention in Cleveland, and figured I’d use this opportunity to see family while I’m at it. Ten days without me – what will poor David do with himself? Probably the same thing he does now … a chore or two every day, walk the dogs, read and oh yes, watch football.

Sacramento’s on the horizon, and I wear the navigator hat when we approach our destinations, so I better go. Not sure when I’ll have another opportunity to blog and am posting most of our pictures now on Facebook – it’s just easier. Hope you’re having fun, enjoying the last piece of summer.

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