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peytonOn Sundays we watch football. The commercials are a time to fix dinner, clean up the kitchen, check my email and go to the bathroom!

Not on Superbowl Sunday. The commercials are as entertaining (if not more) than the actual game! I had hoped to have our meal prepared and the kitchen cleaned up before kick off, but alas, I didn't plan my time as well as I had hoped. Nemeth is bundled up in his too-warm fur coat, and there goes the coin toss – Seattle elects to kick.

The first quarter was a series of barks from my husband:
"watch this replay"
"Can  you get the chips?"
"The salsa tastes GREAT!"
"Oh geeze, interception; come watch this!"


"oh geeze, another interception!
Whew. I'm finally finished assembling the chili, which we'll have a little later. Dave has all his snacks for now, the dogs are fed and it's halftime. Denver hasn't scored yet and Red Hot Chili Peppers are red hot (the band, not my chili)! Feels good to sit down and watch the game – and write this blog. Hey, strike while the iron is hot and I'm inspired!

I was thinking about how life can be like Superbowl Sunday at times, when there are so many things to pull our attention from what's important and not knowing what to do next.

What's my goal?


What's distracting me?


How can I deal with the distractions and get back to what I am trying to accomplish?


The distractions can be quite enticing too. My husband is in there laughing at the commercials and I'm stirring chili.  


What do you need to do this week, to move through the distractions and stick with your game plan? Will waiting until half-time be too late? Or are the 'distractions' – the commercials, just as valuable to your life-balance? It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks but you.


That chili is going to taste great! The distraction for me today, was worth it.superbowl.




2 Responses to Coaching from the Coach on Super Bowl Sunday
  1. I'm without a vehicle this week, so this is going to force me into some focus time in my office.  My challenge is to make sure that I don't get distracted!!!

  2. Neither my husband nor I watch sports. However I certainly know a lot about distractions. Since my husband works from home distractions are plentyful, smile! It takes serious effort to keep my schedule on track. I enjoyed your sense of humor in your article,lol!


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