Coaching from the Coach Banner“Okay all of you in Pennsylvania and other states back east that have been praying to send some of your rain out this way – we got a tremendous storm last night, lightening and all…Here is what a friend of mine, John Boylan said, ” The wind is now coming out of the east and there is a strong pine scent in the air. We don’t get winds directly out of the east and this is an indicator when they do.” The fact that it blew in from the East may be God’s way of saying, “I answered your prayers.””

Fred Ganssle – on Facebook

DSCN4767My brother Fred lives in Mid-California and has a wonderful flower garden in his back yard. The state has been experiencing a severe dry spell, no measurable rain to speak of for the last year!  As I do, Fred believes in the power of prayer. He not only prayed, but also solicited friends on Facebook to do likewise. Several friends from the east prayed. (we grew up in Pennsylvania)


Lo and behold, an unusual phenomena occurred – wind and rain coming from the east. And pine in the air … smells like a miracle to me!


I pray with the assumption that God is listening and wants the very best for me. I believe in miracles too. I’ve come to expect, rather than be surprised by them.


Jana templeOur son Cory and his beautiful bride, Jana recently vacationed in Japan. While visiting a temple in Kyoto, a Buddhist monk gave Jana a piece of paper with contained a blessing. It said that she should expect good health. My daughter-in-love is a quadriplegic, confined to a wheelchair. She didn’t think much about it, but the very day they returned home, a news bulletin reported on some breakthrough progress with spinal cord injuries and some people who were actually able to walk again. We have hope that someday this sort of therapy may be available for her. But the mere fact that this news came within days of receiving her blessing, well it sure makes us all think ‘miracle’.


Even Simon himself believed. After being baptized, he stayed constantly with Philip and was amazed when he saw the signs and great miracles that took place. Acts 8:13


Pathway-to-MiraclesI look for miracles in my life and when I pray, act as if though those miracles are going to happen. I don’t wait around. I also remember that God won’t do for me what I can do for myself. I trust him, but if I want to lose weight, it has to start in the grocery store, buying foods that compliment a healthy lifestyle.


What miracles might you be wanting in your life?

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