Coaching from the Coach BannerI have many friends who blog regularly, especially for weight loss tracking. It’s a good way to stay accountable. I have maintained a 100 lb weight loss for the last 20 years, so I think I’ve got that part pretty set in my mind.

Gerri & MarilynWhen we first started our trip in May of 2012, I blogged my way around the Southeast United States, sharing pictures and our big RV adventure. It was my hope to pick up where we left off, when we began our trek west in March, 2013. But here it is, clear on the other side of the country and more than a year later, I’ve not blogged with the consistency that I had hoped.

I have been posting pictures of places we’ve visited on Facebook. While that gives you a visual  of what we’ve seen, but it by no means captures the excitement of watching 1,000 or more sheep fording the river in Sedona, AZ or enjoying Mother’s Day brunch with my brother’s and my kids. I didn’t share what a thrill it was to stand under the statue of Marilyn Monroe in Palm Springs or our recent flight to Chicago for my grandson’s graduation from high school.
Half a picture may be worth a thousand words and while I do enjoy taking pictures, it doesn’t give me half the satisfaction that  writing does.

Certified Christian CoachI’m still feeling my way through where I’m headed with my coaching, having recently received a certification in Christian Coaching. I have great passion for working with people who wish to live and work with integrity to their Christian walk, but not sure what that will look like for me.

Does this mean you can anticipate more blogs by Gerri? I think it does.  I’m sorting it all out but in the meantime, I do believe that it’s time to get the words out of my head and into this medium. Perhaps God will inspire me to know what my path will look like.

I do want to share that we’re shoving off tomorrow from Sacramento, heading toward the Redwoods of California. Summer plans include visiting Washington and Oregon, returning to the Wine Country for our niece’s wedding in September.

Life is amazing. What a dilemma to choose between so many good things.

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