Coaching from the Coach BannerOur Western adventure continues!

We packed up the RV and said good-bye to the Sacramento area as we head north toward the Redwoods. Dave chose to drive about 200 miles today, stay for 2 days and then drive another 200 miles to our next destination. We’ll only be staying there a week, rather than the 2 or 3 weeks as has been our pattern.

We only have about 10 weeks to get our fill of Washington and Oregon, before heading to Sonoma for our niece’s wedding over Labor Day weekend. There is so much to see and such a limited time! This includes dropping the RV off in Bend to have the kitchen remodeled. That week we’re going to stay in a cabin along the coast. Feeling sorry for me?

A great kitchen is important to me. I enjoy preparing nice meals and do not want to spend my time in a hot kitchen. Most RV’s have gas ranges. We discovered induction cooking last year in Vegas, where it was so hot that I couldn’t even imagine turning on the gas and adding to the misery index. A fellow camper told us about induction ranges, and we headed to Camping World to buy one. I love it! Cool, efficient cooking which doesn’t heat up anything but the pan and the food. So we’re finally going to get rid of what we don’t use and get what really works much better in an RV. The oven is presently storage for dry goods, and not an efficient use of space. I have a convection/microwave which serves that purpose, and of course, Dave loves to grille, so the oven goes too!

I enjoy cooking and am constantly looking for recipes that are flour, sugar and wheat free. I am open to adapting recipes to my food plan. (I hate the word DIET – has “die” right in it, so that dooms it before one ever embarks upon one) Besides, as someone who has lost over 100 pounds and captured that journey in a book – Trust God and Buy Broccoli – I need to stick to what works. Who’s going to buy a diet book from a fat girl? LOL

I don’t have any pictures to share today; but will remedy that when we reach our destination. Thanks for joining us on the ride today!

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