Coaching from the Coach BannerIt was an exciting day – we were finally going to Oregon after nearly a year in California.  After an early start at 7 in the morning, things going well with hooking up and hitting the road, we drove until just after 1 in the afternoon. I don’t like having to travel that long, but these next two months are going to be longer stretches to see everything we want to see. But I gotta tell you about our day – it’s a little long, so go get a cup of coffee or something, or if you don’t like long posts, you could stop here; I just gotta get this out of me

DSCN7256The scenery along the Pacific coastal highway was great. We love the rocky shorelines, where the forests just seem to stretch out to greet the sandy beaches. Albeit long, the trip was lovely, lots to look at and great conversation with that handsome man of mine.


When we finally arrived at the very nice park, nestled in the woods near the ocean, we checked in, pulled past the gate and before the whole RV, towed car and two bikes on the bike rack were through, the stupid arm came down and karate chopped our bikes, nearly knocking them off the rack. Our recumbent trikes were an expensive investment in our commitment to exercise, so needless to say, I felt upset. But I didn’t climb all over Dave about it. He thought that the bikes would be fine and we were going to be taking them off the rack soon anyway, so I let it go.


Next, we drove around to find a space. We have a fairly big rig, nearly 40’ – some RV parks were constructed long ago and designed for much smaller campers. We found two that might work, but one had no sewer connection and it may sound a bit uppity, but Sunday is my wedding anniversary and I want the niceties of a shower in our own home, and not worry about how much water I use to do the dishes. The other space, well, after several tries to back in, plowing through underbrush and pulling weeds up with the carriage doors, we just couldn’t get the RV into the spot.


After two hours of unhooking the car and driving around assessing the available spaces, we finally decided that we weren’t going to stay here. There was another RV place about an hour north, and so we got on the computer,changed the reservation, and plugged in the address in the GPS.


goose eggWhile hooking the car back onto the RV and straightening out my bike on the top rack, I really clobbered my head on one of the pedals, giving me a really nice goose egg. I saw stars there for a moment. And then, dontcha know, I hit it again, right on the same spot. By then I had a nice little headache gong and was never so glad to get the heck out of that place!


We were so tired that we didn’t pay any attention to the GPS except to turn left or right, or whatever. After about an hour, I said to Dave, “shouldn’t we be there soon?” He looked at the GPS and we were still 100 miles away! How could that be, when the place was only 47 miles north? Well, he didn’t check and it must have been the scenic route although I don’t know what could be more scenic than the Pacific Coastal roads!


DSCN7074Even the dog was a pain in the butt. Snickerdoodle decided that she’d had enough of the trip too, and wasn’t going to be happy unless sitting on my lap. Once she got up there, she wouldn’t budge. Pooh Bear just sleeps the whole trip, but Snick is a nervous Nelly and needs a lot of coddling while we move the RV from one destination to the next. So I couldn’t do anything but sit there, look out the window and pet this fretting little dog. I took the time to think of things to talk with my husband about, and we had nice conversations, nice l-o-n-g conversations. LOL


I want you to know that during this whole fiasco, I never once said anything to make Dave feel bad. He tried to beat himself up about the GPS, because you are talking about $60 more in gas to go an extra 100 miles, not to mention the extra  two hours on the road. Instead, I thought that maybe God had us go that way for a reason. I told him I was so happy to be with him for an extra two hours that I could just spit. We both laughed and enjoyed the quaint little towns in Oregon. I was feeling much better after taking something for my headache and even closing my eyes for a few minutes.


We finally arrived at the South Beach resort and wow, what a difference. We found a beautiful spot, easy to pull into and within a very short period of time, we were back in business. It was nearly 8 pm by that time. Dave asked if I felt like cooking or did I want to go out. I was hungry, tired, and maybe even a twinge angry. I don’t belong in a restaurant like that because I could wipe out the menu.  You know I wrote a book on weight loss and nobody wants to buy a diet book from a fat girl …

So I suggested I’d cook. I kept it very simple – an omelet with left-over asparagus for me; Dave will always be happy with hot dogs. It was a long day and we fell into bed at 11, totally exhausted.


Today is Friday the thirteenth. Good thing that we didn’t travel today; who knows what else could have challenged our wonderful trip to Oregon! We’ll probably be on the safe side, and just hang out here. It’s raining – first we’ve seen that for over a year! It might be nice to just sit here and do flat-out nothing. Maybe just a quick trip to the store for more vegetables and figure out what we’re going to do for the next few days.


We’ll be doing some extra driving this summer, so the gas expense is going to be higher. We are grateful that Oregon has much cheaper fuel prices. But we made it and I’m excited to add another state to our journey, as I “coach from the coach.”

4 Responses to Coaching from the Coach – we’re finally in Oregon!
  1. Gerri,
    I am sorry about your journey to Oregon. I have to admit I chuckled a couple of times in your story, because I can relate so much. Ron and I took a vacation one year and since it was the tail end of the 4th of july weekend there were no camping spaces available. I didnt make prereservations. We drove close to 3 hrs to find a place to stay, and when we finally got there, we had to laugh because we could have drove home in 2! LOL

    I hope you enjoy Oregon! I am in the Eastern part of the state now, but you are in my old stomping grounds! I hope you find some wonderful adventures!

  2. Oh man, what a day! Glad to hear that you made the best of it and then had a day to relax on the other end!

  3. Great post–beautiful scenery!! I hope your head is okay! OUCH. I love what you said about choosing to cook instead of going to a restaurant…. I feel that way too. I was tired, cranky and done tonight—and I almost gave into that voice that said I could just get something on the way home–and order what would fit in my budget… But I didn’t! I didn’t for the same reason you didn’t.
    I love your perspective about the detour… about spending an extra two hours in conversation with him… You two, wow–Love!

  4. Yeah, Oregon … have fun!

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