rusty cup cafeI usually start each day with prayer and meditation, but yesterday I had a fasting blood test at 8, and I brought my breakfast so I could eat it right afterwards, God forbid that this girl misses a meal!



Then we headed for Astoria, Oregon Main Street with its colorful shops and eateries. David had his eye on a coffee shop, where we could enjoy a cup of local flavor while I do what I do in the mornings, instead of driving all the way back to Seaview, Washington.

I read a meditation, reflected and started to write. Dave picked up a local newspaper and every time he read something of interest, he read it aloud, with zest. Ugh, I thought, let me have my quiet time here. My thinking was in total opposite of the meditation, and thank God I realized it before it was too late. I was ready to snap at him, tell him to shut up and to please respect my quiet time!


The thought occurred to me, what if he wasn’t here, ever? I’m constantly asking clients, “How can you reframe your thinking?” Looks like I had some reframing to do myself.


I didn’t need complete silence to finish my writing. When he continued with his excited, inclusive jabbering, I looked up, smiled, commented when I felt something to contribute, and then went right back to where I’d left off. I fell more in love with that man God sent for me to spoil! He was so cute, sharing ideas on what we could do in Astoria! Suddenly what was once an interruption became a moment to treasure.


We were joined by a colorful local named Vicky, who once commenced with talking, went on for about 20 or 30 minutes, sipping her tall latte through a straw amid bites of her breakfast scone and tales of her life of travel. She was animated, entertaining and maybe needed to talk. The love of her life couldn’t travel any more – was on dialysis. Soon she was going to have to relocate to the east coast, and leave her beloved hillside home, overlooking the river so that she could have additional family help for her husband.


I tied up my writing, and didn’t bother to upload it to my small circle of support. The discipline for me is in the writing. Dave wanted to meander around town. I agreed. We spent the next couple of hours window-shopping, I indulged in a badly overdo pedicure, had lunch on the river and then went on a trolley ride.


Astoria ColumnAstoria has an interesting attraction called the “column”, a real bargain at only $2 per car. We were  treated to a breathtaking panorama, perhaps feeling in a small way how Lewis & Clark felt when they first saw the Pacific Ocean from this very spot. Dave chose to climb the 164 spiral staircase steps to the column pinnacle, while I smartly stayed on terra firma and snapped his picture! If you look real close, he’s the one standing right in the front, waving.


We arrived back home late afternoon. It was a glorious day. A glorious day indeed. It amazes me that even at nearly 65, my heart remains open to life’s lessons and gifts, and I continue to learn about how to be the person God always intended for me to be. I never would have all this wonderful memories if I insisted on that ‘quiet time’ at the Rusty Cup Cafe.

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