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I’m digressing from my usual coaching blogs to share a story with you about my family.

I wanted kids. Lots of them. Having five siblings and no boundaries, of course I wanted a big brood of my own. That was not my path. I prayed, and prayed and prayed, but no babies.

I was so mad at God, begging Him for a family and failing at the attempts for pregnancy, with two miscarriages over my youthful phase of adulthood. My five siblings all had wonderful children and I know I would have been a super mom too, but God said, “no” to my constant requests.

Or did He?

On July 2nd, 1999, the most amazing man came into my life, surely a gift from God. And along with him came three amazing young adults, two wonderful grandkids and son-in-love (I hate that ‘in-law’ stuff).

familyWell fool me, but God wasn’t saying, “no” all those years. He was saying, “wait”.  I do believe that His plans for me were way better than anything I could conjure up for myself. Dave’s kids and grandkids have embraced me and I truly feel part of a big, happy family.

I remember the day I learned about Jana Waring. Dave was still working at Disneyworld and Cory had requested that his Dad get him and a friend into the park, one of Dave’s cast member benefits. I was busy doing something that day, so he went alone, but came home with great news; Cory’s ‘friend’ was a girl. Dave said, “Cory’s smitten.” Of course I wanted all the details! Dave shared that Jana was in a wheelchair, a quadriplegic from an accident about ten years previous.

Gerri & JanaI took the lead and arranged a lunch date with this girlfriend of my son-by-marriage, just the two of us. I didn’t see someone who was paralyzed. Instead, Jana’s vibrant personality and zest for life almost negated my vision of how she got around. We both are published authors, traded books and chatted away like we were friends since birth.

Fast forward to the present, Cory and Jana were married last year and now want to start a family. While Jana ‘could’ become pregnant, carrying a child would mean a year of complete bed rest, plus put her and the baby’s health at great risk. The safer route would be surrogate, at a cost of about $100,000.

Medicare would cover putting Jana and the baby at great risk, and the cost could soar way beyond that $100,000. To start their family via alternative methods is considered elective and there will be no funding for that. None at all. That is a tragedy.

As one person, I cannot change the system. It is what it is. And the Helms’ brood is not independently wealthy.  The assets that could be liquidated pale when compared to this huge amount of money. Although we are not affluent, we are resourceful, hence the “Help Cory & Jana to start a family fund” was born.

Ace WeddingI am not a great salesman, but am onboard to help the kids whatever way I can. I posted this link on Facebook yesterday, and was amazed at how many of my 1,000+ friends, not only contributed, but also shared the link.

It isn’t right that anyone have to beg others for money for a basic human right – to start a family. Right on wrong, I’m asking my friends and family to help, even if it’s just to send your pocket change. I’ve seen unbelievable things happen when people band together for a common cause. I hope you’ll take a look at the link and if your heart is open, help Cory and Jana to have the family that they deserve!

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