wings_traditional4We stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings, one of my favorite restaurants for lunch yesterday. I discovered that they put calories on the menu; how thoughtful of them! I thought that until I went to order my favorite item, traditional wings with medium sauce, and discovered that it had more calories than I normally eat in TWO DAYS! Dang! When I make this same thing at home, it’s well within my calorie budget. How much extra fat are they adding to jack the calories up that much?

Needless to say, I didn’t order what I wanted, but I really thought about it. Once you know something, you can’t ‘not know’ it. To eat what I wanted wouldn’t be in harmony with my continued efforts to maintain a healthy body weight.

I have some health challenges right now, which include meds that slow down my metabolism. I have gradually been gaining over the last nine month. It is very frustrating but I’m sticking to my eating and exercise regiment, even though the results are disheartening.

Back to the wings, my head started the argument that I was gaining weight anyway, so why not order what I wanted. That was the diet mentality talking. My sensible-eating mind kicked in and I ordered what would work perfectly with what I had committed to on  that morning, a salad with chicken breast, add the wing sauce, leave off the cheese and croutons. And it was fine, once I made the decision to honor my healthy eating commitments instead of the spoiled brat inside me.

The good news is that now we know why I’ve had thyroid problems – there is a mass on my thyroid gland, commonly known as a goiter. I can actually see the protrusion on my neck, now that I’m looking for it. I will see a surgeon next week and we’ll get it out of there, hopefully resolving my current medication and weight challenges.

When the doctor’s office called to tell me the ultra-sound results, I felt nauseous, and was tempted to skip dinner. That’s as bad for me as overeating, because it sets up that crazy thinking of how to get back the missed meal. Instead, I reached out to friends. I texted and called until I reached a friend who understood and encouraged me to eat my planned meal. Then I went for a nice bike ride with my husband.

I cannot buy into diet mentality. I need to stick with what works and that is to ‘share it, or wear it’. Thanks to all my wonderful friends who are there for me when my head takes a nose-dive back into that stinkin’ thinkin’.

2 Responses to Coaching from the Coach – once you ‘know’, you can’t ‘not know’
  1. praying for your health concerns!

  2. I think those restaurants have a shaker full of fat and calories and they load up each item with generous dashes of the stuff before it goes out. Great job in honoring your plan, Gerri!!
    Your resolve to take extraordinary care even in the face of serious worries–is inspiring. You’re the epitome of a good recovery model and attitude. Don’t we all have that little spoiled brat inside of us? 😉

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