Coaching from the Coach Banner Once you know , you can’t ‘not know.’

I watch my calories and log them on My Fitness Pal, a great electronic means to insure that I’m exercising integrity with how I eat – in a manner that is conducive to weight loss. I’ve gained some since March when diagnosed with Graves Disease, so I’m particularly vigilant with tracking.


Or am I?


Crisco spraySome foods are listed right on MFP, so I can just take their word for it. Then there were others that I just wasn’t bothering to record, such as Crisco’s Butter Spray. The label says that 1/3rd of a spray is zero calories. That’s good news, isn’t it?


DSCN7950Well, this morning I decided that I would use the scan feature of the app in the name of laziness. Just for grins, I scanned the spray can bar code. Oops – 5 calories for a one-second spray. Wow, that was a shocker. If I was using it throughout the day, maybe 10 or 20 seconds, I was adding an additional 50 to 100 calories unknowingly.


I mean now really, who does one-third of a second of a spray? Hold your index finger down on that nozzle and seconds can click by pretty fast.


DSCN7949Well, once I know, I can’t ‘not know’. Think part of my plan for 2015 will be to religiously scan any foods that have a bar code.


So, now I know. Shucks!

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