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I am so grateful to be posting from my website blog, you have no idea. The main method I used to share what I write is Facebook, so you can imagine my horror when this site was blacklisted. Why? Malware attacked my site, so if you clicked on my site, you switched to the most disgusting porn I could imagine. Well, that’s over now, so when people visit, they’ll find a spiritual approach to life.

Speaking of which, we commemorated this most spiritual day by attending Mass at St. Anthony Catholic church in Casa Grande. I usually take pictures of the churches we’ve visited along our RV journey, but in all my wisdom today, decided to leave the phone home and spend those few hours with the hubs and God. Unfortunately, no phone, no camera. Dave left his home too.

churchVisiting their website, I did find a few pictures to share with you, but none of the beautiful alter, adorned with pink marble and some fabulous stain glass windows. The priest gave a fantastic sermon, sharing what Easter means:
E – Enjoy your faith
A – Allow God to rule your life
S – Serve
T – Tell people about God by your example
E … R … Well, I was good to remember four out of six.

Today can be challenging to someone like me who doesn’t eat any sweets. We didn’t buy any chocolate bunnies, nor did we color eggs. I am making a nice meal, which we are pot-luck sharing with our next door RV neighbors; nice people. It will be a nice day. Happy Easter to you (or Passover, if that is your religion of choice. I hope that you are blessed.

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