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Speaking for myself, I enjoyed limited success with nearly every diet. I say limited, because I lost weight, lots of weight. Unfortunately, I’d start eating again and before too long, was back to where I started with a few extra pounds to boot. Sometimes even more than a few extra pounds. No, make that several more pounds. I went up over 200 lbs 3 times in what I refer to as my ‘eating career’. When I hit 248 in January of 1993, I just stopped weighing myself.

It wasn’t until I took a spiritual approach to my eating, that I experienced long term success with weight loss and (a new word I didn’t know) maintenance of a healthy body weight. It’s the key for me, which separates what I do today, from all the previous diets. Asking God for help initiate the internal changes that allow me to live in a normal size body, free from food obsession and the crazy compulsions that accompany it.

It takes work. It may be simple but it isn’t always easy. I make time daily to start out with spiritual disciplines – prayer, meditation, reading spiritual literature and journaling. Most folks I know with longevity in weight loss do something similar.

DSCN2382I also weigh or measure my food and post it to every day. It helps me to see patterns, and make changes. I also love to exercise and do that with great regularity. It has to be fun. Dave and I both have these sport recumbent bikes. I don’t have to worry too much about falling – its not too far down!

I cannot make excuses; it is critical to my continued healthy body and peace of mind to start my day out with saying hello to God. My morning rituals reinforce my commitment, remind me where I came from and set the groundwork for another day of a life I’ve come to love.

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