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As you may know, we’ve been traveling in our motor home for more than two and a half years, enjoying all that this beautiful country has to offer. We are on the go a lot, rarely taking time for me to sit down and mess with my blog. Today is a stay-at-home day, and a great opportunity to catch up on writing.

While I prepared breakfast in my nice kitchen, I became more interested in the ‘nutritional value’ of what I was preparing. My 342 calorie meal had protein, carbs, fiber, sugar (natural, not added) and fat. I usually don’t look beyond the calories. It peaked my curiosity, so I looked at the nutritional value beyond the calories. It wasn’t too bad, quite balanced, actually.

I couldn’t stop there. On my counter sat a can of Crisco butter flavored spray. No calories for 1/3rd of a second of a spray. What??? Who can do that? You’d just about get your finger on the trigger for 1/3rd of a second!

icalories I scanned the barcode on My Fitness Pal (an app I use to keep track of my calories, very convenient) and discovered that a one-second spray is 5 calories. There is ‘no significant other nutrition’ for this product.

So who sprays one third of a second? Not me! I estimate that I probably hold down that button for four or five seconds! That’s 25 calories I’ve not been accounting for. And that adds up. I’m willing to forego the lack of nutritional value for the convenience of low calories, but the important thing here is to count them. Labels are not always indicative of what is really going on.

I’ve lost over 100 pounds and am maintaining that for twenty-two years, and want to continue to say that (and have it be the truth!) And at my age, I’ve got to be aware of what goes into my mouth and insure that I’m moving my body with good, fun and age-appropriate exercise.

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  1. Sean, you have been a good influence on me since we met five years ago. I checked on the caloric content of that spray because you are so conscious about what you eat.

  2. So true, Gerri. The olive oil spray I use is 27 cal for 3 seconds despite the “0” calorie on the label. It does add up!!
    I’ve also discovered weighing my fruit by the ounce or gram. If you enter “apple by the gram” or anything and add “by the gram” or “by the ounce,” you can get super accurate counts after measuring. Not too long ago, I would simply say–oh, it’s an apple–and I would select the listing that says 80 calories.
    But then I realized the sizes vary–and not all are 80. I decided to look for a better count–thinking I was cheating myself out of calories. Turns out, I was missing (counting too low) anywhere from 15-25 calories most of the time.
    Excellent post. Something to absolutely keep in mind!

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