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I’m in Love!!!!

Three months ago, I wouldn’t have dreamed of saying that, especially since I’m happily married to the wonderful David Helms, but I’m truly having a love affair.

When I met him in early December, what he described for us didn’t sound particularly appealing, and even worse, painful. But I signed up and we began meeting at his place three times a week. What a work out! The first time, I could hardly walk home.

Oh now, get your minds out of the gutter! I’m talking about training here! Not just plain old exercising, but training with the master – Trey Boyer.

When Dave and I returned home from our three year RV trip, I couldn’t wait to take a nice, hot bath. To my utter amazement, I had trouble getting out of the tub. My arms just didn’t have the strength to pull me up, and my legs weren’t cooperating either. i somehow managed to flop out like some sort of beached whale, and wondered if this was my lot in life, now that I’m a mature woman.

A friend here in The Great Outdoors told me about Trey, who lives and works about ten houses up from mine. I called, we talked and I made a financial investment in my health, signing up for the duration of our time ‘home’. Three times a week, he has pushed me beyond what I considered to be past my limits. IMG_3305

I am on a medication which slows my metabolism, making me more inclined to weight gain. I just can’t take that lying down, not after how hard I’ve worked to maintain a 100 pound plus weight release. Both my endocrinologist and Trey suggested a change in my eating plan, and not to weigh myself. I trust them both and haven’t stepped on that scale since January 1st. When I lamented to Trey about my first gain, he pointed to a picture of himself, when he was a world champion body builder.

“See that picture? I have no idea what I weighed.” And now, neither do I. A number on the scale no longer defines me.

And what is happening to my body is beyond amazing. I happily enjoy soaking in the tub and can easily remove myself afterwards. I no longer ask the hubs to carry things up and down the stairs for me; there’s a good chance that I’m stronger than him now. I am seeing muscles where flab used to reside. And dang, am I ever looking good! My girlfriends frequently ask me, “What are you doing?” I smile when I tell them that I’m training.IMG_3105

One more week and we’ll be back on the road again. For my last three session, the hubs has joined us, and is video taping my exercises so he can help me. I think he likes how I’m looking too! I’ve bought special stacking weights which won’t take up a whole lot of room in the RV. Trey and I are talking about maybe even doing some sessions by Skype.

Whatever happens, I can guarantee you one thing, I’ll continue training. I am not going to succumb to being an old lady before my time. I’m strong. I’m solid and I’m excited. Yes, I’m in love with exercise. Who’d have ever imagined I’d be saying that?

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