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Our methodology of keeping up with one another certainly has evolved over time. I was thinking back, remembering party lines! I’d pick up the phone and find that someone else was using the line. Gosh, if they had a lot to say, I might have to wait several minutes before I could call my friend …

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My Pollyanna was in high gear yesterday. It is sometimes challenging, but I try to find something good in everything. And it can often be a spiritual experience! I had several appointments in Orlando. I have a really cute pair of white Capri’s but don't I wear very often, because they are a perfect fit …

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Grandparenting is a tough job for new grandparents… It is an awe-inspiring experience and in many ways, baffling. The ART of Grandparenting (ISBN978-1-933449-79-1 $19.95) is an anthology of witty, wise and wonder-filled stories by professional writers from all over the USA and as far away as Israel. Insight abounds in these stories and are re-capped …

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Posted on: June 21, 2009
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